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SHOES MADE in EU: The European Shoemaker
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project objective is to foster FOOTWEAR VET sector and equip young people with the right skills and competences accountable at EU level following the EU Quality Framework and European Credit VET system (ECVET). The aim is to develop a new curriculum of the “SHOEMAKER” at the level of the engineering and manufacturing process, starting from the experiences of those EU countries that have a long tradition in the sector, both at vocational and economic level. To achieve this goal the project will develop the following actions: - Define the new curriculum by sharing the experiences of Germany, Portugal and Poland, enhancing each other - Introduce training contents according to labor market needs and updated with the most innovative technological tools available; - Define a training model recognized at EU level by answering to ECVET principles and work base learning practices; - Facilitate the employability of young people enrolled in footwear training courses. Project rationale is based on the current development in footwear industry in Europe which registers a positive economic moment, despite the crisis. The growth, however, is not properly supported by the right skills match at the moment, as forecasted by CEDEFOP European Skills Panorama platform, and consequently affecting the future shape of jobs, at least until 2025. The project aims to answer the challenges of the sector by: - Setting up a strong collaboration among VET providers and economic actors related to footwear sector: the partnership already includes organizations representatives of this sector, moreover dedicated activities will be organized through the project life cycle to strengthen the network and the collaboration around the different private and public actors that can be a bridge between the VET sector and the labor market. - Develop an innovative curriculum that will answer all ECVET requirements, providing the necessaries instruments to be exploit at national and European level - Develop a curriculum than will answer to the most innovative technological skills that are needed in a growing labor market sector - Structure a strategy and experimentation about how work-based learning can be applied in footwear addressing the needs of different national context - Share and enhance the footwear training traditions among partners country SHOES MADE in EU project, was born from the cooperation of different institutions, with a key position in their country and in Europe, interested in the sector of footwear, already collaborating in diverse activities also outside European project. The proposal is the result of a consolidate working experience that has brought to research for skills needs and profile in particular in the footwear sector. The research has led the institutions to the same result regarding the need of the following actions: - Boost VET in footwear sector in partners countries - Achieve a EU model in the profile of the Shoemaker - Address skills shortages related to footwear sector To reach its goals the project foresees the following outcomes: O1: European Shoemaker Training Course Adaptation and transfer of the most relevant training traditions in partner’s countries where footwear training is considered to have the longer tradition and best practices. AT the same time a SME’s in deep assessment and the development of training contents based on the results of the first activities. Finally ECVET standard and tools will be developed. O2: The European Shoemaker platform The creation of the platform will start since the conceptualization of the training course. The platform will be fundamental for the delivery of the training contents, project outcomes availability and as main instrument to guide beneficiaries in their learning path. During this phase all project tools and outcomes will be also tested. O3: European Shoemaker Profile implementation handbook The handbook will represent an important product of the project as it will contribute to the sustainability of outcomes. The project developed model, in fact, will exploit its full potential and further disseminate through this last results, that represents the whole project scope. Project will be mainly impact and disseminate the following target: - VET providers - centers - institutions - Footwear Industries - Organizations representing the interests of footwear industries - Public organizations responsible for VET - Young people already involved in training path and those willing to do that - Tertiary education.



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