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Sharing LearnIng from Practice to improve Patient Safety
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2019 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Health care is a significant area of employment across Europe, and good quality health care is essential to the wellbeing of its population. Around one in ten patients suffers harm during their care, yet most adverse events are preventable. The Shared LearnIng from Practice to improve Patient Safety (SLIPPS) project aims to improve the key skills of student healthcare professionals in relation to keeping patients safe by sharing learning from practice across the partner countries and beyond, developing tools and resources which will help students to recognise, react to and manage risky and unsafe practice appropriately. It seeks to build an evidence based approach to patient safety education, drawing directly on student experiences of patient safety learning events in practice. It builds on considerable work previously undertaken by the partners. The seven HEI partners each bring distinct areas of interest and expertise, and have links with six associated healthcare organisations (encompassing hospitals and community provision) in which students are placed to learn. Each HEI will in the first instance recruit at least 50 students (25 from each of two professions) to capture and record their experiences of patient safety learning events in practice. HEI staff will work with health care organisation (HCO) staff and students in the development of learning tools based on these events. These will be freely available to staff and students in all of these organisations (around 4000), and, through a web based portal to a much wider audience. The project team will form the nucleus of an International Patient Safety Education Network.There are five intended outputs: The SLIPPS database (SD) will provide a transnational repository for the learning event records generated using the Learning Event Recording Tool (LERT). The event records will be assessed and allocated to restricted or public accessibility, and the publicly accessible records made available through the web based SLIPPS Virtual Learning Centre (SVLC). Records will be translated to be available in English, Spanish and Italian. Analysis of the event records will be used to develop SLIPPS Simulation Scenarios (SSS) and scenarios which will be used in the development of a premise for a SLIPPS Patient Safety Game (SPSG). Event records will also be used to develop SLIPPS Virtual Seminars (SVS), allowing students from different professions and countries to work together on learning in relation to key themes. SLIPPS will be managed to achieve cooperation between all HEI partners and HCO associates, with each partner taking responsibility for leading key tasks and outputs. SLIPPS will facilitate the development of an open learning environment for patient safety education across Europe and transnational sharing of creativity and good practice. HEIs, HCOs, staff and students will develop enhanced digital skills through contributing to and accessing the developing materials. SLIPPS will facilitate greater linkage between learning in classrooms and learning in practice, through deploying digital devices and content, for example in SVS. It is envisaged that students and staff in HEIs and HCOs will also gain insights from transnational exchange and reflection on common themes which will lead to greater collaboration, new and innovative ways of managing risk, and to safer practice. In the longer term the tools and benefits will be cascaded through the International Patient Safety Education Network to a range of other HEIs and HCOs in the partners' countries and worldwide. The network will seek to sustain the SVLC and to facilitate a rolling programme of capturing student learning event reports, thus ensuring that ongoing learning is current. The ultimate beneficiaries of this project will be health care users and professionals across Europe, who will receive safer care.



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