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Date du début: 19 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 18 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our proposal is a consequence of the results of an analysis conducted jointly by the three organizations IKASLAN, TKNIKA and the Deputy Ministry of Vocational Training and Lifelong Learning of the Basque government . While the evolution otrainees´ mobility level has reached 10% of the total amount , teachers´ mobility is very low and does not meet the minimum desired .We need to boost the mobility of Vocational Training teIkaslan Araba submits this proposal with the aim to invite teachers of vocational training throughout the CAV , who are working on innovation projects in TKNIKA ( Insitute of Innovation and applied research for Vocational Education and Training ). About 200 teachers take part in innovation projects developed in TKNIKA .They work part-time at the center and half a day in TKNIKA in the development of these projects that have an average duration of two years.The projects developed cover a wide range of specialties. Some projects are technological, others are projects that have to do with management , others with teacher training and other tools for the development of e -learning and / or the Information Technology and Communication . The main objective of these projects is to reduce as much as possible the time between an innovation arises and access to vocational training schools . Teachers working in these projects design materials and training that teachers need to catch up in these areas for innovation.There are two other very important needs that we meet with the development of this project: How does the design of technological following up system that can result in the development of projects and how you design system knowledge transfer emerged after project completion Annually there are up an average of 45 projects under development in which the 200 teachers work . Ikaslan Araba , in collaboration with TKNIKA , has mrked a priority in some of these projects that we believe it is necessary to contrast with agents working in the same fields. This is the list of projects where this proposal is based.1) Technological Innovation a) Drons technology b) Automotion and virtual reality c) Analysis of the characteristics of the wood used for building construction and energy efficiency in building construction, d) Design of ICT in Denmark in Educational system e) Addittive manufacturing f) Industry 4.0 g) 3D printers and composites h) Off shore and maritime technology. 2) Competitive inteligence and entrepreneurship field . Three mobilities.. a) Culture and innovative contexts in VET developmenta b) Entrepreneurship culture development and intraentrepreneurship c) Service for the creation of SMEs 3) Quality and continuous improvement field. 2 mobilities: a) Development of EFQM and b) Implementation of LEAN system in learning context.4) Training field. 3 mobilities: : a)New learning scenarios b) Evaluation of key competencies c) New methodologies in TVET system 5) Internationalization. Looking for strategies to involve students from different countries in training offers in the Basque Country



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