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Sharing and Reinforcing Relationships
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nowadays our school is experiencing a moment of transformation because of the change of the National Educational System in Spain: we are moving from a traditional system based on learning in classrooms / workshop at the school to a “Dual Training System” with a learning process in the company. This means we need to introduce changes in the Training Centre in processes and methodologies, and move the institution to adapt it to these new circumstances and respond to the social requirements, at national and international level. SHARE 2014 has proven to be highly convenient to meet the needs arising from this structural change. It has given us an understanding of the Dual Training System and has allowed us to improve: our international dimension, the quality of academic degrees and the quality of mobility, thanks to the training and motivation of personnel involved in it, teachers and students. We are pleased to say that we were right with the choice of target schools because of their quality as educational institutions and because of the resulting impact: the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and the learning of new methodologies and evaluation systems. SHARE mobilities 2014 has included 15 mobilities in which 7 people have participated, who have been to 9 different institutions from 6 different countries. a. Two participants were students, who performed internships in companies in Germany and Denmark and whose stay has been validated by the official FCT module (workplace training). b.- Two participants were school teachers: they went to colleges/schools in the UK and Denmark with the aim of improving their quality of teaching and innovation in education, and sharing good teaching practices to acquire technical skills in the area of automation and transversal skills. C. Other participants has been other staff of the school, non-teaching personnel. The objective of their mobility has been to achieve a thorough understanding of the functioning and organization of the Dual Training System in countries where this system is implemented, enhancing the international dimension of the school, the exchange of best practices in the relationship and communication with companies and with relevant stakeholders, and the exchange of experiences with directors of different educational institutions. The For Xabec staff, the main impact of this project has been the improvement of specific technical skills, such as managerial skills, planning and management skills, strategic skills, international skills and teaching skills. The impact on students has been clear: SHARE 2014 has allowed them to increase their maturity and autonomy, to improve their motivation for studies, to increase their social responsibility, to have a clear awareness of the European dimension, to develop their language skills… and something extraordinary: they have achieved Jobs at the companies that they have gone. The impact on the organization has been also clear, mainly because the principal of the school has participated in these mobilities, and once he has returned to the school he has reported both the Governing Board and the School Council to make concrete changes in the organization. Consequently SHARE 2014 has brought as a consequence the improvement of the processes that are related to the implementation of the Dual Training System of vocational education, the internationalization of the institution, the increase of the relationships with business and the introduction of teaching innovation.



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