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SharedSpace; SharedSpace: Music, Weather, Politics
Date du début: 1 mai 2013,

SharedSpace: Music Weather Politics is a three-year project that will create an international platform for artistic and academic research and creation in the field of contemporary scenography. It will establish scenography as a multi-disciplinary field to explore it as active environment for sharing ideas among people in a creative and social sense. The premise is that performance design and space are deciding factors in the creation of relations within theatre – ‘the last human venue’, where valuable live interaction between people – the core of social relationships – takes place. Theatrical, spectacular, invisible and illusion have in the last decades meant something deceptive and negative. SharedSpace aims to rethink theatre as possibly politically positive forces, ‘sharing grounds’ for creation of our communities. This will be done through: SharedSpace Gatherings – a series of symposia for professionals, students and audiences that will create new proposals for spacing issues (symposium in the streets, on a designed beach, around dinner table) spaces more appropriate for a creative dialogue. SharedSpace exhibitions will consist of the creation of experimental and ‘living’ exhibitions. SpaceLab the educational component of the project consists of workshops, performances and exhibitions for over 3500 students. The Retreats will provide short-term residencies for groups of artists for close artistic exchange in unusual settings. Experimental settings of SharedSpace will also supply entertaining and educational environments for wide cultural audiences. SharedSpace aims to provide highly lacking international, interactive, inclusive, experimental grounds for gathering of artists, theorists, students and audiences of theatre, visual arts and architecture while also connecting them to people in other fields. SharedSpace is coordinated by the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space and co-curated and co-organized by 11 European and 2 associated organizations.



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