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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nowadays, taking into account the socio-economic context of Portugal, we have realized more and more a huge break in the field of Art and Culture, which in turn leads to a decrease of opportunities in this sector. That said, the younger age group has to create their own opportunities or move large urban areas to take advantage of them. Territorial identity is a concept centered on the originality and uniqueness of geographical realities of regions, and it has been increasingly recognized as a competitive factor, before the forces of globalization. Faced with globalization, it is necessary to identify the specific characteristics of localities and their resources. Therefore, this project is intended to accomplish for that / the young people know their identity, find out where they live, as well as a taste for culture, values ​​and traditions. Also, find out that there are alternative professions, which thus contribute to the search for new solutions to face youth unemployment and therefore promoting new experiences and alternative practices based on arts and crafts. The objectives of the project produce the taste / recovery values, traditions and cultures of the place of belonging, enabling youth to develop the taste for the site; promote mutual aid, self-esteem, responsibility and autonomy, contributing to the acquisition of personal, social and professional skills; sensitize youth to the importance of their participation in community development, promoting entrepreneurship; promote new forms of entrepreneurship and boost conservation initiatives and revitalization of the material and cultural heritage, stimulating job creation; strengthen language skills; raise awareness of European citizenship and for sustainable growth; to provide youth and intercultural communities. Participate 22 young Portuguese / and the Lithuanians / as, from 18 to 30 years, plus 4 group leaders who live in rural areas with levels of social exclusion. In this project a participatory methodology, based on non-formal and informal education techniques will be applied. The activity will be implemented in the Guard. To achieve the project objectives / young present what inventoried and investigated in the preparation stage for the arts and crafts, as well as conservation initiatives and revitalization of the material and cultural heritage. This sharing phase, will serve as a basis for discussion and reflection on the influence of arts and crafts in promoting the local identity, entrepreneurship and employment. There will also be field trips to surrounding towns County Guarda where the arts explored as a profession are still well established, fostering the interest and knowledge of the participants on the subject. In recent days, the / young will treat the information collected for the construction of promotional material concerning all the surroundings of the project. This time, it will allow reflect on new paths and professions, in this time of crisis as an entrepreneurial opportunity. In this activity the / young will have moments of visiting the cultural spaces of nature, living and leisure. The results and impacts of this project hope that the Portuguese young people to discover the potential of their local and available to contribute to new projects aimed at boosting their territories. Still, it is intended that the / young Lithuanians / take them with existing good practice in our region and can disseminate them in their territories, also contributing to entrepreneurship and job creation. The / participants will take an active role in all scheduled activities and thus realize that it is necessary engage in an active civic participation and hence the search for solutions to the problems affecting the life of their community and Europe . Still, this project will cause an increase in information, the feeling of being able to participate, the critical sense and tolerance. Still, with the outlined activities, they will acquire skills and social skills, civic, communicational, linguistic. In this project the local community will also find out more about your region, your identity and potential of their territories. Still, the viewing of the final product may also arouse the interest and motivation of others / the youth to replicate the process in their territories, in order to develop them and to create employment opportunities.



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