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Share With All
Date du début: 10 mai 2015, Date de fin: 9 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Erasmus+ Mobility of youth workers “Share With All “ was aimed for youth workers directly working with young people from different target groups or responsible for sharing and providing information about different opportunities (especially Erasmus+ programme) to young people, youth organizations, decision makers etc. Project took place in Istanbul, Turkey and involved 43 participants from 10 countries across Europe (Sweden, Turkey, Estonia, Slovakia, Latvia, Poland, Spain, Hungary, United Kingdom and Czech Republic). The dates of project were 20th to 29th November, 2015. Swedish Organisation was applicant and sending organization organization. Diyarbakır Çevre ve Kalkınma Derneği was host organization. Training was led by intercultural team of trainers from Estonia and Turkey with the support of Turkish and Swedish support team. This project suppose to be in Diyarbakir, but because of politics problem in area we had to change the venue of project to Istanbul. This project helped to develop skills which are essential for this kind of activity: working with different target groups, understanding the concept of intercultural learning, developing personal learning process (LLL & L2L) in the context of non-formal learning. The first part of training course was more general, the second part got more concrete: first of all – what are the opportunities of Eramus+ programme and developing participants’ knowledge of certain key actions, also Youthpass as an important tool in valuing non-formal learning process was examined and introduced (and practiced). Secondly – we worked on how to analyze the needs of different target groups, how to motivate them and provide them information (attractively) this way it would be useful for them. The training course also involved local specialists, multipliers and students in local school who had the chance to share experiences with seminar participants and make new contacts. At the end of the training course participants had the chance to put their learning outcome into practice – they practiced the role of facilitator, and carried out workshops with local students.



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