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Share best Practices for the Support of EVS volunteers
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

S.P.S. EVS is a project focused on volunteering, on proper support and training to EVS volunteers, on interculturality and on the work in socio-educational contexts. The main goal of the project is to offer volunteers an intercultural learning experience and new competences in the socio-educational field and to give youth workers with experience in hosting and coordinating EVS volunteers the chance to share experiences and main challenges in the support and training of EVS volunteers. The project is made of two actions: coordination of 4 EVS volunteers in two hosting organizations in Italy and Mobility of Youth workers (seminar) on support and training for EVS volunteers.The volunteers will be hosted from September 2016 for 6 months at Cooperativa Sociale Mignanego (Mignanego) and for 11 months at Centro Storico Ragazzi in Genova.The seminar on EVS volunteers support will take place in Sassello (Savona) from the 7th to the 13th of March 2017 with 17 participants from 14 organizations, all with good experience in EVS volunteers hosting and coordination.Our goal is to share best practices and major challenges faced when providing training and support to EVS volunteers with the aim to develop a set of guidelines based on respective experiences to improve our work with EVS volunteers and to give advice to other organizations which are facing the same challenges. The impact on the volunteers will be important in terms of intercultural learning, of the development of professional competences within educational work, in terms of relations and knowledge of way of working with minors, migrants and local communities. Furthermore, the EVS experience will be the chance for the 2 EVS volunteers facing fewer opportunities to acquire new competences useful in the job market, thing that will facilitate their social inclusion.The impact on hosting organizations wil be strong, in particular for Centro Storico Ragazzi, who is at its first experience with EVS. Hosting two volunteers will be a growing opportunity, both in terms of intercultural learning and of new hints in its work. The staff will develop management and organizational competences and will have the chance to confront with new educational methods and new cultures. Cooperativa Mignanego will instead consolidate its experience within EVS and its experience in the management of foreign volunteers. Hosting two EVS volunteers will allow Mignanego village to confront again with Erasmus+ programe and with the mobility opportunities it offers and to continue the path of intercultural learning started last year. Volunteers and staff of the two hosting organizations will improve their competences on intercultural dialogue, on volunteers management, co-existence with people coming from a different cultural background. The quality of the services within the organizations will improve also thank to the presence of the volunteers, who would apply best practices of work in their countries of origin. The impact of the project will also be important for PECO: through the relation with EVS volunteers it will improve its intercultural and coordination competences. P.E.CO. will also reinforce its partnership with hosting and sending organizations. Concerning the seminar, participants will acquire/reinforce their competences and knowledges in the field of EVS volunteeers support within Erasmus+, with a focus on support of volunteers facing fewer opportunities. The sharing of best practices and experience and the exchange of view on most problematic aspects related to the management and the support of EVS volunteers will favour youth workers’ working relation with EVS volunteers and will positevely impact future projects of their associations. The acquired competences and the first-hand experience will positevely impact participants’ communities both on a short term basis, improving the work with EVS volunteers and local volunteers, and on a longer time basis. The sharing of experiences among participants in the seminar will indeed lead to the creation of a toolkit with a set of Guidelines for the support to EVS volunteers that will be sent to all our partners. This tool will help hosting and coordinating organizations in their path of support to EVS volunteers and in the management of the main challenges that it entails and will allow future volunteers to profit of a better material and personal support during their EVS.



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