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Date du début: 30 avr. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Seven Notes, One Europe" was a youth exchange project that took place in Modica (Italy) from August 20th to 30th, 2015. The project involved 24 young musicians and singers and 6 youth leaders from Italy, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Spain and Bulgaria, around the idea of music as means to foster the idea of a better Europe and to reach a common understanding through folk music on tolerance and mutual understanding between European peoples. The main objectives achieved by this project were: - Foster, through a musical debate and by a jam sessions, a critical Idea on Europe's future and the European values; - Create an album that reflects the ideas and the visions of European Young People on Europe as common space of tolerance and freedom; - Debate on menaces that affected the idea of a United Europe, such as xenophobia, racism and prejudicies; - Let young people express their culture and their tradition by folk music; - Get more open young people to live together with other young peoples from a different Country - Experience new form of communication like web-radio, creating an on-line tool. - Get more confident about the collective writing process, creating brand new songs. - Concerting two times and interacting with an audience. The main activities, below descripted, were: - Debating on Europe and its values through a jam session - improvising a song opposite point of view met in a jam session, respecting themselves; these activity was developed through the "two shores game", in which the facilitator ask some questions about Europe's values, Europe's future, Europe's problem. Who agreed with the question moved to a side of the room, viceversa who didn't agree moved form another side. Form let the others change their mind, both teams formed in this way, improvised a song. Who changed mind, moved to the other side. In this way participants get familiars with jam session, debating on serious topics in a involving and charming way; - Composing 8 folk music style songs through collective songwriting, involving people from different Countries, exploiting the talents of young musicians; these activities was ran after a global discussion on Europe, tolerance and the role of music impacting on people's mentality. In groups we shared our feelings, musical traditions and our points of view on the topics in order to colaborate with a good mood for composing brand new songs; - Recording in a professional Studio an album to be realesed on Jamendo in Creative Commons; with the help of a techician we recorded 8 songs in two days of activities, learning how to record in a professional studio, be confident with new machines and devices - Entertaining by a free-webradio a potential audience of 400 listeners; we created, as dissemination events - Discover everybody's culture through own folk music and intercultural evenings; it was given to each organisation the chance to show their own costumes by food, dances and several artistic expression. The project got more confident participants in colaborating, both in artistic and personal point of views, with people from different background. In particular this project have got these impacts: -it got participant more aware about their musical and artistical skills, empowering their potential in this field; - it got more close and emphatic about Europe and its future, getting them more responsabile and aware about their role on building up Europe; participants, discussing about the menaces on European cohesion, will assume an active role counteracting xenophobia and - it got more open and tolerant about other cultures, getting them more open and letting them the chance to know more about costumes and attitudes of European peoples; - it got to participants competences on webradio and recording managament, getting them more aware about the potentiality of these two field (self-production of songs, Do-It- Yourself webradio) - it will get communites more involved on Europe's them, by the release on Jamendo of an album connect with a web site in seven languages; - got interested the mayority of the participants on reply it, participating in other project or get involved in an NGO or founding a new one. - got more confident participants on using English or other languages (i.e. Spanish) in everyday life; - got more aware participants about the power of Non-Formal Education and the role of it in their own development. The results of this project are: - A seven-languages web site, with articles, videos and pictures documenting the experiences lived in Modica, in which is possible to download the album "Seven Notes, One Europe" -An album recorded in Modica in a professional studio, downloadble on Jamendo; - a Facebook page in which are available the website, the Jamendo profile of the album, pictures and videos of the project - A permanent coordination was implemented with the partners in order to follow up these experiences with new project and initiatives



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