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Settlement of practice in European Education II
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

I. We are sending future child care workes to other European countries where they will do their practical training. All of them will work for eight weeks in insititutions with social work activities. They will work in nurseries, kindergardens, preschools as well as child or youth centers to improve their skills. They will especially improve their personal skills by tackling the new challenges to come back with an increased self-confidence. Topics like participation as an element of constuructivist education processess will be tried and reflected. We expect that the students will come back with a reflected view of their professional role as developer and education coach. They will plan, act and coach by using mehtods with a high degree of student involvement. The functional goal of the project is the development of the personal view on their professional role and their "image about children". The oportunites of participating in early childhood education as well as "leisure education" with children and teenagers should be tried and tested to achieve a respectful attitude for the future child care workers. II. Over the course of this additional qualification course “Europakaufmann / Europakauffrau” (European businesswoman / businessman) 14 apprentices (car sales assistant; whole sale clerk; industrial clerk (Verden); office clerk) will do a practical training in a European country. This way they take part in internationalizing vocational education. Thereby they expand their competences to act in a vocational context as well as their intercultural competences. In addition they acquire important personal competences which enable them to become a politically mature European citizens. By integrating into the operational processes of their firms of internship they get to know the country-specific conditions and will evaluate them afterwards. With preparatory seminars and obligatory language courses the base for a successful interneship is given. The resulting measures of evaluating and reflecting the experience serve to prepare future endeavors. They also help to put European questions and ideas into the mind of a broader public audience. A longterm goal is to involve more and more companies and their apprentices from our region to educate them about the European idea and to inform them about the interdependencies of the single European market. At the same the exchange about the different European education systems is supposed to be initiated to make a border crossing discussion possible.



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