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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The “European Voluntary Service” project is part of Key 1: Mobility of people by apprenticeship reasons into the Erasmus+ Program that comes from an initiative of the Youth Deparment of City Hall. The traineeship program is for 2 volunteers. The young participants were chosen among 78 proposals, with their edge, being 27 and 28 years old and they come from Germany and France. Through this training period in Burgos, the young will acquire knowledge, aptitudes and practical qualifications for a future professional career. The project will be developed in the city of Burgos next to some big cities as Bilbao or Madrid, being the City Hall the host organization. The project will start from 7th of August 2015 to 6 of august 2016. During this period, the volunteers will participate in the following activities: 1. One volunteer for Audiovisual Production a. Know-how in animation, information, dynamization and promotion of young art. b. Use the instruments that we work with daily (like Social Network, Information…). c. Learning some new techniques in the audiovisual field. d. Working as a team in a pro active way. To increase knowledge and experience from the team partners. e. Improving the expression and oral abilities. 2. One volunteer for a Young Hostel: a. Informing and advising the Young people from other nationalities about the different activities to do in our town. b. Knowing the different touristic resources of the city of Burgos, Castilla y Leon and Spain. c. Collaborate and participate in the diary activities that are done in the entity. d. Working as a team in a pro active way. To increase knowledge and experience from the team partners. e. Attention and information about the youth mobility stuff. All the project coordination will be performed through the email, the telephone and skype. Our expecting results will be the large visibility of the entity in the foreign countries as the increasing of interest in our job from other European entities of our city. The presence of young volunteers in our town will help to know the European programmes and the European Feeling. It is very important the personal benefit that the young participants will receive as their personal grow and professional for keeping touch with the youth and the workers in our city. The young people of our city will be in contact with other cultures and languages, increasing the interest on the realization of this kind of activity in their future.



2 Participants partenaires