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Servicio comunitario y voluntariado: un valor esencial en la formación de los jóvenes europeos del del siglo XXI.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our society is undergoing rapid changes and unknow changes in many aspects. At this moment we can see selfishness and not very positive attitudes and a great lack of social cohesion and social behaviour. In our schools we find a significant number of problems working together: Some students find it difficult to follow the pace of the lessons and to keep up with the other students in the class to understand amd respect different cultures and of course, the age range (12-18) doesn´t help them to fit in. Consequently we are aware of the need to work values such as respect, the value of volunteering, altruism and sense of civic responsibility and try to discourage our children from adopting some of the negativa attitudes (e.g. isolation and selfishness) they may have encountered through social media. A global an integrating education is getting more and more important. It is important to encourage the philosophy of "giving your own time" without expecting anything in return, against the philosophy of "being the most popular", "wasying time", "enjoying life" without caring about other people, selfishness, "that's not my problem", etc. The educational isntitutions in both European countries believe that we are not "islands but continents" and that is why we should work together with families and institutions within our educational scene. We believe that an eduaction shich includes essential values, putting aside materialistic matters, and accepting social commitment, is becoming more and more important. Facing these facts, we would like our students to get to know volunteering and its objective so that they can see models of caring behaviour and learn from them , values like tolerance, respect for others, cooperation, integration, responsibility, social cohesion, sociability ans social competences that will help them to live together in society, reacting against injustice, violence and abuse. The objectives of our project are: 1-To enhance good models of behaviour and shared values. 2.- To acclimatize our students to voluntary work in the community. 3.- To work on values such as respect, kinship, altruism, inclusivity, integration, responsibility, cooperation, intergenerational knwoledge and team work. 4. To find social and integrative activities. 5.- To provide our students with good models and to improve tolerance not only in school but throughout society in general. 6- To foster the integrating role and social cohesion of the educational institutions in both countries because of the European association. 7- To get to know and compare different institutions who volunteer at localm regional, national and European level. 8- To compae volunteering amongst youngsters in the two countries. 9.- To enchance self-esteem by making our students feel useful in society. 10- To help youngsters to live together peacefully and develop their own personal, social and civic competences. To carry out our project we will have to get to know different local, national and international volunteering institutions in both countries, tehir work and field of action in order to be able to compare the institutions in Catalonia and Baden-Württemberg. We will also get to know the volunteering tasks carried out by students from the two countries in their schools. It is also a main objective of this project the acquisition and practice of the English language and to increase the students' motivations to communicate and express their opinions and feelings about the subjects discussed in and out of class.



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