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Servicii hoteliere la standarde europene
Date du début: 31 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project” Hospitality services to European standards” addresses to students at the Technological Gheorghe Miron Costin” Constanta and meets problems facing our educational institution regarding the forming for future graduates in „ tourism and food „ namely the difficulties in achieving practical training in the country and the necessity of practicing and improving foreign languages especially the English language which is so important in this domain. According to the questionnaires applied to the class, the majority consider that their training is mostly theoretical ( they have too many study modules that could be replaced with more hours of practice). In this sense , our project aims the following objectives: 0.1Supporting the Romanian participants to get working experiences in an European environment connected with their field of study - tourism and hotel industry - in order to facilitate professional integration in the labor market. 0.2Developing professional and personal skills : communication, collaborative skills cultural skills ,in order to increase competitiveness of vocational technical school graduates in relation to the labor market; O.3 Creating models and strategies for institutional collaboration that adds to Romanian vocational technical educational institutions to provide relevant qualifications and shape the labor market. There are 18 participants( pupils in the 10th form) who are in initial professional training within the technological High School ,,Gheorghe Miron Costin,, : technician qualification in tourism services profile Participants prepare to work in the tourist industry , in hotels or to open their own business. Tourism and hospitality industry as economic areas with strong potential need professional qualified people to provide expertise and quality in the promotion and provision of tourism services . This project will meet the need of future major technological high school graduate qualification in tourism ,, technician” to receive specialized training as close to real environment and directly integrated on labor market in their field of training - hospitality - scrolling corresponding period of practical training in institutions of 3 and 4 star hotel in Spain , a country with one of the most developed industries in the world. The partnership of the designer consists of : Technological Gheorghe Miron Costin High School ,receiving organisations : Hotel Navas , Corona , Alixares and MEP Europoject intermediary organization , all of Granada , Spain. The main activities to be undertaken to implement the project aims are: .Elaboration and design of the project - contacting organizations and defining partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with clear definition of the role of each organization. training and placement agreement team 2. local and regional campagne of information about the project and its opportunities 3. Preparation and signing the contract with the National Agency 4. Selection of participants 5 training agreement with the host organization , 6. Organising participants’ training 7 travel arrangements III The internship IV After the internship: Validation and recognition of learning outcomes beneficiary organization through internship , evaluated and validated in accordance with the procedures for quality assurance and Romanian law , order 4931 / August 2008. Designing Individual internship report of each participant Working Final report Project results and measures to ensure its sustainability Methodology will be based on : establishing clear roles in the partnership through the " Memorandum of Understanding " , a project management plan - describing the activities and processes required to achieve the objectives and results, financial and technical documentation. Expected results: Increasing their knowledge, skills , professional skills of the participants at a rate of up to 80% ; The development of adaptive capacities and qualities to new situations and socio -cultural environments, developing the spirit of teamwork , improving linguistic skills. Final products with valorisation and scaling roles ,CD of the project,leaflets ( 200pieces . ) , poster , web page , staff.



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