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Service disTRibution network And Tools for intEroperable proGrammable, and UnIfied public Cloud services (STRATEGIC)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Despite the potential benefits of public cloud services (i.e. lower CAPEX, improved functionality/scalability, reduced TCO for ICT), their penetration within public sector organizations is still low, which is a lost opportunity in an era where public bodies are under pressure to operate with constrained ICT budgets. The main goal of STRATEGIC is to facilitate organizations (notably public bodies) in leveraging the benefits of public cloud services, through boosting three complementary adoption directions: (a) The porting of existing on-line services to the Cloud, (b) The adaptation and localization of existing services, which have been successfully deployed by other organizations and (c) The composition of new public cloud services on the basis of available legacy services.\nSTRATEGIC will take advantage of leading edge results from FP7 (OPTIMIS, VENUS-C) and ICT-PSP (STORK, SEMIRAMIS) projects, in order integrate a novel framework comprising: (a) A marketplace of public cloud services, along with a cloud broker enabling optimized selection and negotiation in a multi-cloud environment, (b) A collection of development, migration, adaptation and governance tools for public cloud services, (c) A set of standards-based proxy components and interfaces (CDMI, Delta API, OCCI) enabling providers of cloud hosting services to interface to the marketplace and (d) A set of security/trust components enabling cross-border authentication, management of trust federations/circles, as well as related policy management. Based on the framework, STRATEGIC will migrate, adapt, deploy, pilot, operate and evaluate nearly 10 distinct public cloud services for various public bodies (central governments, municipalities) in four countries (Italy, Greece, Lithuania, Serbia) with the participation of nearly 1000 users (citizens & businesses). STRATEGIC will ease cloud adoption by public bodies, while also providing tangible business opportunities for cloud developers, service providers and ISVs



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