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Service Design for Innovation (SDIN)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Service Design for Innovation (SDIN)-ETN aims to integrate service design and service innovation approaches that are now dispersed into an innovative research training framework; doing so leverages the creative power of service design to foster innovation. Specific objectives are: creating a mass of researchers who can drive widespread application of service design to leapfrog innovation in European organisations; and developing interdisciplinary competences in the key SDIN area and in key service sectors -ICT, public services and utilities. SDIN training programme comprises: individual research projects with interdisciplinary supervision (design and management) and non-academic involvement; substantial non-academic training (through hosts and secondments); development of competences in at least one key service sector, with exposure to other sectors; and network wide training with innovative courses, workshops, transferable skills training, and network wide training events. A strong consortium with unique combination of expertise will implement SDIN. Academic beneficiaries provide a rich training experience and research competences in service design and service innovation. The three non-academic beneficiaries are innovation leaders in ICT, public services and utilities, providing a rich ground for application of SDIN results to multiple sectors. SDIN will have significant impacts on ESRs, partners, and the pursuit of the Innovation Union: SDIN will develop interdisciplinary and multi sectorial competences in ESRs, which are highly valued and have a strong innovation impact on organisations. Beneficiaries will integrate their expertise to build enduring interdisciplinary and multi-sector competences in SDIN. SDIN’s extensive dissemination will ensure that the results achieved are shared with wider communities, thus producing spill over effects to other sectors. SDIN can make a significant and timely contribution to the Innovation Union strategy.



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