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Serve. Experience. Learn
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

People living in social exclusion, children living at risk or foster houses, social isolation of people and children with mental disabilities, limited possibilities of old people’s communities, intolerance among different national minorities, stray animals – these are some of the many severe and painful social problems in a nowadays Lithuanian society. Modern society of ours has created many forms of modern communication tools, but very often the majority of us forget to use our bare hands, ears and eyes. With no space for a true and a face-to-face dialogue many of the ones in need are forced to accept their difficult state and loss of dignity.Our goal is to support volunteering - first of all, make people aware of the problems around and, secondly, empower them to contribute to solving society problems and contribute to the better quality of social services and life of those in need. Furthermore, we seek to support non-formal, inter-cultural learning and increase recognition of competences gained through volunteering. Not only soft skills, but also values of tolerance, solidarity and personal growth.“Serve. Experience. Learn" – project empowering youngsters from EU and Neighboring Partner countries to active citizenship in different social, cultural or care organizations of Kaunas, Lithuania motivated to work with target groups who are in social exclusion - youth and children with fewer opportunities, disabled, old people but also shelter for abandoned animals - increasing awareness of social exclusion, inter-cultural, inter-generational learning and development of life-long learning competencies. 19 volunteers from 9 different countries: Spain, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Italy, Georgia, France, Armenia will meet in Lithuania to implement their individual or paired EVS activities in the project “Serve. Experience. Learn”. Voluntary activities will last for 8-12 months. Expected results of the project are increased awareness of social exclusion, increased life-long learning competencies of participants, increased respect to cultural diversity and solidarity among nations, better quality of social services provided in institutions and hopefully new initiatives that young people from all over Europe bring to the organizations lasting after they leave.



26 Participants partenaires