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servation of Lithuania Minor´s Cultural Heritage and Strengthening of Regional Identity (Preservation of Lithuania Minor´s Cultural Heritage and Strengthening of Regional Identity)

The general objective of the project is to strengthen regional identity and cooperation while demonstrating to the society how the interaction among different cultures enriched the Lithuanian, Polish and Russian cultural heritage.The tasks:- To prepare and issue the publication Giants of Lithuania Minor, introducing 100 most famous personalities of the region, their lives, works and significance for Lithuania, Poland and the Kaliningrad region. The book will be illustrated with the photographs of regional landscape.- To compile and publish the dictionary Germanistic Loanwords in the Lithuanian and Polish Languages, disclosing how the interaction with German culture has enriched the Lithuanian and Polish languages.- To prepare and publish the set Songs of Neighbours. This book will consist of songs that have been taken by one nation from others: Lithuanians from Germans, Russians and the Poles, Russians from Lithuanians, Germans and the Poles, Poles from Lithuanians, Russians and Germans.- To organize a scientific conference in order to present the products of the project and to publish the collection of conference reports.- To create a website of the project in order to increase the wider accessibility to the products of the project,-To organize the dissemination of the products (publications) created.



  • 75%   130 811,00
  • 2000 - 2006 Lithuania - Poland - Russia (LT-PL-RU)
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