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Date du début: 2 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUND: The NEEDS identified in the wind energy sector in the staff´s professionalization matter are: - Current skills established for wind energy sector´s staff in Spain established by INCUAL (National Institute of Qualifications) refer only to operational training in the installation and operation of the wind farms (ENAE 193_3 "Management Installation and Maintenance of Wind Parks" ) However, there are no standardized training programs at European level. Whereas existing frequent mobility in this sector, training contents at the European level would facilitate the qualification of professionals and will facilitate the mobility of staff between countries. - At present, this sector has courses with traditional learning techniques and contents. This sector is characterized by the relocation of the workplace, making it difficult to support the organization and training centers. With innovative training tools using ICT the distance learning will be facilitated. - In today's job market there is a growing demand for highly qualified for wind farm maintenance staff, not only in mature markets such as Spain but also in growing and emerging markets (other European countries). To this need for highly skilled operators will also add the growing sophistication of wind turbines requires specialization of workers. “Trivial: SKILLWIND”´s OBJECTIVES are: - Standardize at European level the operational skills needed to qualify suitable to the wind energy sector´s staff (installation and exploitation) of wind farms - Promote an innovative development of the training in the wind energy sector through a serious game. - To promote the professional development of staff and the competitiveness of the sector. The game technology has an enormous potential to develop with a suitable guarantee the teaching-learning process. Serious games are a useful learning method to alleviate the practical training needs of the learners and efficient tool in the learning processes. This assertion is supported by the intrinsic educational features to the game, because suppose a motivating device for the users, achieves significant learning while playful; promotes the teamwork, so necessary for society today and have great flexibility in use. New technologies applied to training available to the student and teacher interaction media , significantly improving the learning process. These innovative learning tools based on the use of ICTs allow the use of interactive contents through a serious game will provide a more efficient quality training and distance learning can be developed at any time and place. Therefore, through this proposal seeks to use ICT as innovative educational tools. However, with the current economic situation, this is a high stress hard to take, motivating the search for external funding - The consortium will be formed by 3 professional associations of different countries (Spain -AEE-,Italy -ANEV-and Belgium-APERe-),1 multinational corporation, training company and expert in the ICT and training European Projects (SGS TECNOS) and 1 University (UBRUN in United Kingdom) These entities have an experience and capacities that as a whole are essential for the achievement of the specific aims of the project: - Unlike the individual companies of the sector that identify what needs it has his CONCRETE activity, the PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS (AEE, ANEV and APERe) know closely the wind sector IN THEIR SET so much in his country as to European level. They identify so which is the development and needs of all the areas that shape the sector from the projects of construction of parks, construction of parks, assembly and installation, dismantlement, SMEs, average and big companies, suppliers, auxiliary elements, regulation, market, training…. In addition they give diverse services, between which stand out those of training and professional qualification of the workers of the sector (object of this proposal). For this, the associations form specific workgroups that treat these topics and articulate tools to contribute to the companies and workers the means necessary for a suitable and updated professional training. Associations have also a high experience in activities of national and International diffusion (fairs, Congresses, Conferences ….) For his representation in the negotiations with the state agencies, these entities identify the sectorial and European needs being able to intervene in the improvement of the learning as well as allow an easy access to a major number of beneficiaries - The main result expected to develop in this project is a SERIOUS GAME: “Trivial: SKILLWIND“ with the training for the development of the daily activities of the sector. This training program will be standardized t European level. - IMPACT: each of the consortium countries respond to the European request to improve strategies and ensure the development and updating of key skills



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