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Sensory Culture and Occupational Path
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Because each person has a sensory basic system and because the sensory perceptions represent the support of cognition, each person will have a subjective sensory representation of the world and, implicitly, a distinct way of placing itself in a relationship with the world and with itself. On the other hand, the human being is often placed in a situation to function according to sensory ways which are not familiar to him. For this situation, there are different ways of development of a sensory culture, so as the sensory limits of the person’s model of the world could be overpassed. It is crucial to take into account this problem when learning or choosing the future job/ business. The project “Sensory Culture and Occupational Path (SCOP)” aims to train the youth workers in order to reconsider the learning process and the occupational guidance trough identifying the younsters’ basic sensory system and trough developing their multisensory perception, so as to avoid the unfortunate effect of a wrong choice: weak results, failures, the others’ contempt, lost of motivation and self-esteem, lost of the job, isolation, depression.The project will develop the competences and key abilities of 31 persons who work with youths (youth workers, trainers, teachers, psychologists) from 17 organizations from 10 Program Countries (BG, GR, IT, LT, PL, PT, RO, SK, TR, UK) and 5 Partner Countries (AL, AZ, GE, JO, TN) in the field of training/ learning and occupational counsellings supported by the analysis of the basic sensory system and by the development of the multisensory perception of the youngster. The operational objectives will be a superior knowledge of the relationship between the sensory dominance, the development of multisensory perception and the occupational area; exploring, experimentation and creation of methods/ exercises of testing the basic dominant system, of developing the sensory culture and of occupational guidance; the development of proactive behavior by designing and applying two programmes: Smart teaching and Smart career guidance.We planned a 11 day mobility activity at Voronet which will involve 31 youth workers. They will attend a training course on the topic of (multi)sensory learning and occupational guidance. The methods were chosen according to the objectives of the project and to the expected results of the training. They are specific to the non-formal education and they develop creativity and envolvement: exercises of knowledge and trust, reflection exercises, a lecture, PP presentations, open space, round table, workshops generally organized on the basis of the participants’ sensory dominances, learning café, ludic testing, role play, simulations, trip as a way of multisensory learning, creation of an occupational counseling guide, a short movie and a blog and others.The expected results of the project will be significant, both on short and long term. The youth workers will have the necessary competences to council the youngsters on the basis of the sensory culture, the youth will have a bigger chance to get involved in (multi)sensory learning activities and choose correctly their job/to develop the proper business, the organizations will enrich their area of expertise and educational offer, and a proactive behaviour towards the occupational guidance on the basis of multisensory culture will be developed.SCOP anticipates a significant impact. At the local level the participant organizations will be able to have a positive influence upon the youth work by putting into act the occupational counselling program designed during the course. At least 100 youths will be counselled in the occupational area on short term and on long term this number will grow. SCOP will sensitise the nonformal and formal educational systems as well as other interested educational actors in order to develop common actions and programs of occupational counceling. The quality and efficiency of the youth work will be enriched by promoting the ideas of equality, respect for alterity, social cohesion and European citizenship. SCOP originality consists in the fact that it brings into light a modern and less approached problem, that of youth’s occupational counseling on the basis of the analysis of their multisensory system. Exploring concepts as basic sensory system, the development of multisensory perception, the correspondence senses – types of intellingence – learning styles- occupational area – all these offers the project originality and concrete usefullness.All these will have a significant benefic effect on long term. They will contribute to the youngsters’ state of well being. At the same time SCOP will offer the youth workers the satisfaction of reaching a superior degree of professionalism.



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