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Sensitivity Analysis for Deterministic Controller Design (SADCO)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2011, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Optimisation-based design of control systems is concerned with determination of control strategies for complex, dynamical systems, to optimise some measures of best performance. It has the potential for applications to a wide range of fields, including aerospace, chemical processing, transportation systems and resource economics.The multi-partner initial training network SADCO aims at: Training young researchers and future scientific leaders in the field of control theory with emphasis on two major themes sensitivity of optimal strategies to changes in the model specifications, and deterministic controller design; Advancing the theory and developing new numerical methods; Conveying fundamental scientific contributions within European industrial sectors.In order to achieve these objectives, SADCO establishes a collaborative research and training network of eleven full partners from both the academic and industrial sectors, and gathers participants with expertise in complementary disciplines in mathematics and engineering. The network also offers a complete range of theoretical, practical and complementary training. SADCO will work together with the young researchers to develop and implement effective training plans tailored to each individual requirements. Multi-disciplinary training based on the integrated scientific programme, secondements, regular meetings, active networking, will ensure the success of this project.The development of new 'clean' technologies in power, transportation and other domains is a major opportunity for EU industries. The proposed research programme will help place EU universities in the forefront of Optimal Control, a field of mathematics that supports these technologies. The trainingprogramme, based on institutions covering the principal areas of the field, will provide a new generation of young mathematicians and engineers with broad skills in Optimal Control, which are not readily acquired at one institution alone.



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