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Sensibilisierung für Themen der Diversität durch Kunst
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Caritas Vienna holds a leading position in terms of Community Arts in Austria through its three long-term projects (Brunnenpassage, Tanz die Toleranz and Stand 129). The concept of Community Arts is little known in Austria and so only few organizations work with it. Community Arts in general, and the projects of Caritas in this area (called ‘‘Kunstsozialprojekte’’) in particular, tend to work with people with a lower educational level or who have experienced migration. It is often difficult for this target group to get access to formal education. Therefore, one of the central elements of our work is adult education on an informal basis. This mobility grant is meant to give our staff the opportunity of further training in adult education and to gain insights into diverse concepts of art education with marginalized groups on a European level. It is especially designed for young colleagues or new team-members. The training in Lisbon and the conference in Madrid, which include hands-on practical training sessions, are covering the following questions: What can methods of art education offer for the work with adults of a low educational background? How does art education serve as an innovative tool for peer learning? And how can exhibitions be used to face challenges that arise out of the diversity in our society? The workshops of this mobility grant cover both a theoretical discussion of these topics and practical ways of implementation that can be directly transferred to our work at the community arts projects of Caritas Vienna.