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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

When we decided to write this project we consider two needs of our teachers and students. These needs are: 1- Inadequate experience in conducting contemporary teaching methods. 2- Unsatisfactory social skills of student. Project aims: 1- To develop imagination of students, 2- To enable independent thinking, 3- To develop cooperative working strategies, 4- To create social and psychological sensitivity, 5- To cause students to gain four fundamental language skills (speaking, listening, reading, writing), 6- To enable learning communication, 7- To provide development of creativity and aesthetic, 8- To facilitate the development of ethic values, 9- To ensure the improvement of self confidence and decision-making, 10- To cause students gain experience related to different contexts and events, 11- To develop new behaviour without the fear of making error, 12- To be able to compare aspects of himself with someone else, 13- To discover the similarities with others, 14- To be able to criticize himself, 15- To become motivated on the basis of reaching knowledge and using it, 16- To gain confidence in self expression. General aims of the project: 1- To increase the desire of our teacher on participating in courses and training programs, 2- To develop teacher foreign language proficiency, 3- To raise internatural awareness, 4- To increase the project management experience, 5- To improve the understanding about different education systems of European countries. We decided the number of potential staff as 7, but haven't decide who they are yet. We will collaborate with the course provider before the course in order to set all the arrangements for preparation, implementation and follow-up in their place. We will use email, Skype, eTwinning and their website to do that.n preparation we will provide the linguistic support for the participating staff.For intercultural experience we will take steps to prepare the participants for their intercultural experience in cooperation with course provider. Our school will take action to make sure the insurance and travelling arangements are all set before the course takes place in cooperation with course provider and provide organizational support for all the participating teachers. We will provide support for the praticipants in creating and publishing their CV's in Europass format and presentaions of themselves and their proffesional background. We will design and implemet agreements with all participants which will arrange their rights and responsibilities in terms of preparation, mobility and follow-up activities which will be signed by our school management and participating staff. Upon return the participants will be due to share what they have learnt with the rest of the staff and community .This will be regulated by the agreement with the participants to share their insights and experiences with targeted groups (our school staff, pupils and/or others). Participants will be due to implement new methods in their own practice and publish materials showing how they are using what they have learned in their everyday work in terms of ideas, photos videos, lesson plans, assessment and self-assessment forms, etc. on a common twinspace and school website in our mothertongue and English so the results would be available to as many people as possible. When the impact of the project considered we can say that our teachers will gain awareness in European Dimension. They will create their lesson plans and arrange the curricula by using the knowledge that they have in the course. They will create active learning environment for their students. They will be able to link the lesson with other disciplines easily by the help of using drama. they will use their gestures, mimics and voice more efficiently. They will develop more positive teacher-student relationship. Students will be more active by the help of new techniques applied by teachers. Their kinesthetic and effective learning will simplify their cognitive learning. They will be contemporary and interrogative people. They will be able to express themselves effectively by using body language. By developing empathy they will understand other people around them and respect similarities and differences of other cultures. With the use of Drama that support constructivist approach, the academic success of the Yesilyurt Secondary School will increase. The school-student connection will gain strength. The teacher profile will develop and organization's public opinion become strong. International awareness of the organization will increase.