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SELFY - Save Earth Life for Youth
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is designed as informal learning on the topic of the SAVE EARTH LIFE FOR YOUTH. The coming few decades – the active professional lives of today’s pupils and students – will mark some of the greatest transformations that humanity has ever seen. The 21st century is an age of converging social, economic and ecological crises. Not only is the climate being altered in catastrophic ways, environmental degradation is in an alarming rate and it results in various environmental issues such as global warming, ozone layer depletion, greenhouse effects and others threats of human life, the health of many essential ecosystem services is also at stake. The objectives of the project are derived from the current challenges of 21st century education in Europe: •To enhance the quality of students education from rural and urban area, including students with special needs, for sensitivity awareness to the environment and for related sustainable development issues •To encourage students’ environmental curiosity and creativity, to provide students’ to work together for a better and healthy environment, •to improve students' linguistic, communicative competences in different European Union languages and ICT methodologies and virtual collaboration, •to assist teachers to integrate environmental management principles and practices into schools programs and maximize student learning, •to encourage a whole-of-school approach to sustainable management of school operations and to built new model environment to facilitate student’ learning, •to increase European dimension in school through improvement of teachers communication and integration of a greater number of schools into this exchange of good practices, •to develop tools for analysing the different dimensions of sustainability.. We are 9 partners from different parts of Europe, N-Latvia, S-Italy, Greece, E-Romania, Turkey, W-Portugal, Middle-Germany and outside of Europe-France-Reunion Island so that our project may have a larger relevance. We agreed to participate in this strategic partnership teams with experience in such projects and teams that do not have the experience to be able to share what we know. Innovative Educational Moodle platforms will demonstrate European added value, especially with the regional education of eco-innovation support and offer virtual collaboration spaces, databases about wild lands identified in our area, species protected by national laws, possible environmental threats and map of polluted areas, using new media web 2.0, communities of practice and other online services for students/teachers to demonstrate their commitment to save our natural world. The platform is unique in design and has a very useful topic for our students and future generations. Each eco science topic is carefully selected, in the purpose to cover the acquisition of a large amount of knowledge. As methodical approaches, those topics are treated using a wide range of pedagogical approaches: research activities, online courses, interactive maps, conferences, workshops, learning through art (posters, logos, eco campaign, building an eco house) educational games, outdoor education. As a feed-back of learning we will use volunteering activities. Educating for Sustainability promoted by SELFY platform and community is “learning that links science and practical knowledge, inquiry, and action to help our students , future leaders for their community, to build a healthy future on our planet.” The target group for our project is consisting by: students from the age of 12-18 (more than 50 people/each country) from 8 countries of Europe, teachers, careers officers, administrative staff of our schools, all people interested in competences centres of professional training, cooperatives and environmental services organizations. Activities for students for each of the eco-regions include science, social science, mathematics, language and arts, being fun, educational and easily adapted to a variety of settings and ability levels. Students from coordinating school of the intellectual product will collect the materials made by the others, will make the design and the proposed electronic product and then post it on the platform and print it for the rest of the partners. Final products proposals: • e-book: THREATS OF MAINTAINING LIFE ON EARTH • e-book: STOP GLOBAL WARMING ! You can do it too ! • e-book: DIVERSITY AND WILD AREA • e-book: ORGANIC BY CHOICE • COLECTION of healthy organic recipes • e-book: CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK • EARTH CHARTER AND EUROPEAN LOW IN THE FIELD OF ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION • Glossary of illustrated Scientific and Eco Terms • INTERACTIVE MAPS with descriptions, presentations using new media web 2.0 tools



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