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SelfPOCNAD - Development of a Point of Care Detection Device and Self Sampling Device for Cervical Cancer Screening – (SelfPOCNAD)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project is to develop a commercial pre-production prototype point of care test for invasive cervical cancer (ICC). This easy-to-use lab-on-a-chip system (SelfPOCNAD) will enable women to collect samples in the comfort of their own homes and take them into a GP surgery for testing and provision of immediate results. This will dramatically increase compliance of women with the ICC screening programs will and drastically decrease the ICC incidence and save lives. ICC is the second most common cancer in women. Each year, there are over 470,000 new cases globally. Of these, 33,000 are in the EU. Once the disease is established, it is hard to cure, so each year 233,000 women die - 15,000 in the EU[1]. After breast cancer, it is the second-most-common cancer amongst women. However, this is a preventable and treatable disease, if detected in the early stages. Some EU member states have well-organised screening and effective prevention programmes. But better compliance with screening using this inexpensive lab-on-a-chip system, especially in New Member States, could save the lives of 3-5,000 European women p.a.This demonstration project will enable the SelfPOCNAD consortium to prove that they have a technological and commercially sound proposition. It will allow them to secure investment by either a major blue chip company or an investment house to fund the scale up to production of this life saving and commercially attractive Point of Care (POC) test.



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