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Self-Printing Advertisement Board with Reusable Ink (SPABRINK)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Outdoor advertising can be split into two main categories, static and dynamic. The static types are much cheaper but apart from producing a lot of waste (paper, glue, ink) they are also limited as they are not capable of real time advertising. In addition, human resources are required for changing images, generating additional costs for the board owners. Dynamic (digital) advertising is becoming more popular but they consume energy constantly and limited in some applications (curved surface, glare of the sun, light pollution).SPABRINK aims to fill the gap between static and dynamic advertising by developing a tool that is capable of displaying static images that can be changed digitally through the internet. SPABRINK will only use energy during the image change and can be operated remotely, hence differentiating it from both existing static and dynamic outdoor advertising. Furthermore, the technology will allow displaying images on curved surfaces making it the only available tool for certain markets (e.g.: advertising columns)The technology will allow onsite printing of adverts and the printed image can be wiped off while the ink can be reused after separation. The end result will be a new advertising tool that can be controlled remotely to display different images periodically without creating waste and will only use energy during image change (could be operated with a battery).This new novel tool will use the innovative combination of existing and new technologies. It will be a low cost, low maintenance advertising board that will be remotely operated to display the required static images in real time. The final product is proposed to be a reusable and self-printing advertising board. This board will consist of a reusable printing surface, a printing module, an ink-remover and collector system, and a specially developed reusable ink. All components will be enclosed into the board’s housing allowing the width and height of the board to be flexibly chosen. The flexible printing surface will also allow for use on non-flat surfaces, being ideal for bus stops or advertising pillars."



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