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"Self healing innovative elastomers for dynamic seals, damping and noise reduction" (SHINE)
Date du début: 1 févr. 2013, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Overall objective of the SHINE project is to develop a novel generation of elastomers that undergo spontaneous self-healing, leading to enhanced durability and reliability of the products made thereof (dynamic seals, shock absorbers, anti-vibration devices for vehicles, roads, railroads and bridges). The elastomers can heal without human intervention and can undergo multiple healing stages. They can prevent damage propagation by healing the microcracks or repair themselves in the case of accidental break. The objectives include also developing and standardizing test methods to quantify the efficiency and effectiveness of the self-healing process.The scientific and technical concept is based on the use of dynamic crosslinks both covalent and supramolecular (H-bonds and ionic interactions) that can be broken and reversibly reestablished to provide self-healing. Supported by the SHINE Exploitation Plan the new elastomers will be used to formulate, compound, manufacture and evaluate the final products as listed above. The results will be disseminated to initiate further research in this field.The products made by the self-healing elastomers will have prolonged lifetime, will increase reliability and enhance safety when used in vehicles, machinery and transportation infrastructure. The societal benefits are in reduction of roads incidents, injuries and fatalities, reduction in environmental pollution, and reduction of urban noise. The economic benefits include less road maintenance work, less traffic jams and waste of time associated with this, savings in energy and natural resources consumption, reduced machinery idle time due to frequent reparations, and reduced transportation costs, which will eventually improve the competitiveness of the European industry.A total of 574 person-months with project duration of 42 months are proposed for achieving the objectives of the project. SHINE has a budget of 6,2 million €, with a requested EC funding of 3,9 million €."



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