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Séjour multinational Voilier FRATI
Date du début: 18 juin 2014, Date de fin: 17 janv. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This exchange of 12 days, including 7 in the open sea , with 5 habitable sailing boat will gather 42 teenagers aged 13 to 17 and 3 youngers aged 18 to 25 years from 5 nations (France , Russia, Armenia , Czech Republic and Italy). These young with different culture and with very different knowledge about the marine environment and navigation competences will be supervised by a team of five professional skippers and one leader per country for a total of 55 participants. It aims to : - Discover the high seas on different boats. We can discover the changes between the old ships and charter yachts large current comfort. - Discover or deepen participants' knowledge of the marine environment by practicing sail , marine cartography , steering , handling electronic equipment and the initiation of maritime code. - Discover the rich beauty of the islands , their history and their situation, focusing on their use and their strategic position during World War II . - Live a rich life experience collective conducive to the development of each individual and their accountability in a group, in a confined space such as sailboats. - Interact and communicate in different languages with youth and adults who made this exchange. So we can discuss with them the different themes and learning every moment workshops , outings, navigation. This , based on the presentations : the situation in their country, videos, scheduled visits . But also by the contribution of supervisors of this meeting and professional skippers that frame navigation. We therefore consider that the youth have a real learning knowledge level of the marine environment , navigation , ecology marine environment. But also at the organizational and community life with a strong influence inter cultural causing them to have a significant personal reflection on their position and their future involvement in society, individually or collectively. We hope that once again , this exchange gives young new values and new skills in an area that is mostly unknown to them . That it provides greater visibility of the program with our local and institutional partners and encourage them to support these actions very innovative young people and promote the territory in tourism . Such an exchange to the advantage of renewable long -term since it can easily be repeated several times a year and for many years to allow many young people of different nationalities have the opportunity to have such an experience too often reserved for " elite ." We reflect , among other things with some partners to outsource this kind of work in other European countries.



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