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SEEDTRANS – Seed Fund Management Training Programme

The main aim of the project is to develop comprehensive e-learning materials supporting European seed fund managers so that they can develop their own funding procedures. Target groups are seed-fund managers and organisations aiming to become early stage financers. Further target groups are regional development agencies, industrial and SME associations, universities, companies. The project targets indirectly the area of innovative early stage enterprises, venture capital organisations, business angel organisations, financial engineering organisations. The main activities are to identify and analyse barriers to the implementation of Seed Funds, analyse training needs of seed fund managers, develop a training programme and materials on creating own stage funding mechanisms. An ex-ante and ex-post evaluation will be carried out. The expected results are a training system including procedures, modules and materials., guidelines, curricula. Valorisation will be done by creating a contextualisation of the seed funding environment in different partner regions, a validation, dissemination through a website, press releases, newsletters. A short term impact is expected on the target groups increasing their knowledge. As a long term impact the level of professionalism shall be increased, the vocational systems shall take into account the new concept of seed fund management.



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