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Seeding Social Innovation in Local Communities
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 1 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims to promote active youth participation in their communities and to build youth workers’ and youth leaders’ capacity to maximize youths potential for social innovation and entrepreneuership in tackling the problems of youth unemployment and for promoting social inclusion, social innovation, gender empowerment and sustainable human development in participating communities. The project is consisted of a several international and paralel local acitivities of eight partner organization within a period of 16 months.Social entrepreneurship and youth active participation in inovative actions, especially in difficult economic times, have become a form of self-employment for many, allowing people to be self-contained and, at the same time, to make a difference in society. Central activities are two transnational capacity builiding seminars for youth workers in Vietnam and Croatia; 8 mulitiplication seminars in participating countries, 8 job shadowing activities; production of one Toolkit and of one Manual for Youth Workers and relevant institutions; two practical projects - one YWs amateur documentary DVD and one International Festival: Idea Manifestation - Bringing International Minds Together in Zadar, Croatia. Beside 48 Youth Workers, with this activities we want reach wider audience and to inform you(th) about the concept, methods, and values of youth participation, social entrepreneurship in the youth sector, as well as provide you(th) with real life examples of young social entrepreneurs in action.Specific goals:- Raising awareness on the role that the young people can play as active Global Citizens - Analyzing how young people in these different countries understand and view unemployement issues - Identifying the barriers to active youth participation young people from disadvantaged areas face in their daily lives- To teach youth social entrepreneurship, provide them with a good understanding of the world, encourage critical thinking and self-confidence, while instilling the abilities required to become social sensible leaders and active citizens.- To explore the principles of youth entrepreneurship and the ways which they could be applied- To build up entrepreneurial competences of participants in view of improvement of their capacity for creation of sustainable social initiatives as key elements of the work in the youth field- Promoting the recognition of Youth Work and non-formal learning-To build capacity of youth led organization for sustainability and social innovationProject is imagined as social process in which participants voluntarily trough interactive non-formal methods develop personal, social, and professional profile as well as competences for further learning.