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See the goal! - In-company learning outcomes as videos
Date du début: 1 nov. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BACKGROUND & NEEDSEuropean VET has its focus on WBL. It is the same for well-established dual systems and for countries newly implementing apprenticeships in formal VET. Quality assurance of WBL is therefore a central point. In this context, the students´ learning outcomes for in-company training periods are quality keys. These learning outcomes are also tools for enforcing the cut-face between VET-college, training company and student.Easily accessible learning outcomes promote VET, support the design and implementation of the students´ study plans, ease the assessment of WBL and contribute to transnational mobility.In general, there is a big heterogeneity among the countries and often variations between the trades and colleges in each country, how learning outcomes are interpreted and applied to practice - IF THAT IS AT ALL THE CASE!There is a general need to systematize the work with in-company learning outcomes, to make it more transparent and to present prototypes of good practice.OBJECTIVES & RESULTSSee-the-goal will support vocational students, training companies, school-based training centres, training consultants and VET teachers in achieving a better understanding of the learning outcomes, as well as adapting learning outcomes more transparently and consistently to practice.A welcome approach to meet these challenges in the digital era - is video. See-the-goal will exemplarily “translate” the in-company learning outcomes for VET programs from each of the four partner countries into short videos (1). The videos will enforce the quality of in-company training in:a) Specification and formulation of learning outcomes for WBLb) Communication between student, in-company mentor and school teacher; training with the videosc) Assessment / self-assessment of the apprentice’s achievement, promotion of the students´ competencies to potential employersd) Advisory for training companies on implementation of WBLA script (2) will instruct how to produce videos of learning outcomes. Guidelines on how to apply the video to practice will be produced for each of these target groups: trainers (3), students (4) and consultants (5). A platform (6) will frame all these results to illustrate the products´ mutual correlation and allow user interaction. Finally, a practice-based report (7) on the formulation of in-company learning outcomes as standards will contribute to the partners´ and other stakeholders´ reflections, when defining these educational standards.PARTICIPANTS, IMPACTS & SUSTAINABILITY7 internationally experienced organizations from Slovenia, Denmark, Finland and Portugal form the partnership, covering various aspects in VET: The partners represent public bodies on national level, private companies with a steering institute, a chamber, VET colleges, VET teacher education and vocational consultancy. Local VET colleges and training companies are involved in all countries. All partners have a European reach. The VET programs chosen for practical implementation relate broadly to typical trades.See-the-goal will implement the products with vocational students, training consultants, VET teachers as well as in training companies and school-based training centres. Approx. 4-5.000 people will get in contact with See-the-goal´s results or parts of them.The implementation of the results will be adapted to local needs, conditions and languages, as well as having focus on generic European versions.Training sessions during See-the-goal and the local relevance of the products will enable the involved key actors to become multipliers in each of their countries. Multiplier events and local linkages to stakeholders (social partners, ministries etc.) will support the expansion of the results. Local long-term implementation plans will be part of the final evaluations.The technical solutions will be financially affordable and applicable for average users. This aspect is a conscious criterion to strengthen sustainability of the projects´results.METHODOLOGY OF PROJECT & ACTIVITIESThe project is designed according to agile principles, with frequent prototypes and evaluations on their quality and impact. In repeated "learning circles" the partners´ trial-runs and conclusions will be taken into account, which will qualify the moulding of the products in an ongoing process throughout the project until the final forms of the products are reached.See-the-goal relates to a student-centred approach in WBL with different methods, depending on the specific work environment, their conditions and expectations. Principles for the planning of individual study plans will be incorporated.The project will apply research regarding "translation" of policies to practice: how to read, understand, communicate and transfer generic regulations or guidelines into specific daily practice.An operational work plan relating to the production of the intellectual outputs, is composed of phases with each their milestones to be achieved.



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