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See: ME (Zobacz: MNIE)
Date du début: 4 juin 2015, Date de fin: 3 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

International youth exchange entitled "See ME" was held in Poland in Ko?cielisko, from 1-st. to 9th of September. The meeting was attended by participants from 7 different countries, from Italy, Portugal, Poland, Estonia, Romania, Macedonia and Turkey. Young people came from different language groups, they represented countries with different religions, came from different ethnic groups, what shows how Europe is diverse. The main objectives and also the results of the project were: to establish intercultural dialogue, deepen mutual understanding, promoting minority rights, promote good attitudes towards all forms of discrimination, increase language competence, we wanted to pay attention to who we are, to try to look at ourselves, our skills attitudes, fears and barriers in the context of the other people. To achieve our initial objectives, we conducted a series of activities using the methods of informal education: workshops and performances, games, discussions, steam groups, outdoor fun, action spontaneous relaxing and energizing, dance, national evenings prepared by each national group during which in a humorous way we get to know about stereotype and culture of other nations. We also tried delicious regional dishes and teas. Realized action contributed to understanding cultural differences, accepting roles in a team, fostering entrepreneurial attitudes, promoting the rights of minorities and raising awareness to the needs of the excluded. The final effect of the exchange was a street theater, which from the beginning to the end the participants had to plan, prepare and execute the participants exchange. The theme of theatrical activities was tolerance, respect, human rights, stereotypes, discrimination, xenophobia. The show was exhibited seventh day of the exchange on Independence Square in Zakopane for locals and tourists. Despite the bad weather, the audience arrived and the positive opinions expressed immediately after the show, enjoyed not only the participants. With the evaluation report drawn up following the exchange shows that all the targets established in the project have been fully achieved. Increased self-confidence of participants, they knew each other, their cultural differences, similarities and stereotypes. They saw how unjust is the perception of another person through the prism of his cultural / stereotypes / religion or social status. They discovered in themselves new opportunities and broke the barrier of communicating in a foreign language. As part of the dissemination of the project were published two articles in the local press, speaking on the measures implemented. In the form of publications it was also released Script being a tool for indicating various stages of development and implementation of a theatrical performance. Also we created a website on the social networking site, which serves the spread of good attitudes and goals of exchange, where in addition to the comments participants in the exchange have included a video showing our performance and the script in electronic form. Thanks to this our activities had a direct impact not only on participants of the exchange and audience of theater in Zakopane, but also on the recipients of the press and members of the local community. Youthpass issued by the Association after the exchange was a summary acquired by the participants social skills and competences in relation to any project activities. The participants got also a certificate issued by the association Education Centre Proharmonia confirming participation in the project.



6 Participants partenaires