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Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is dedicated to the theme of Entrepreneurship among young people, especially coming from rural areas with various social, economic, family and education background. For this project we decided to use the method called "SEE A Game". 32 Youth workers including managing team took part in the project 9 day Training Course in Yerevan, Armenia. The project was implemented during 11-19 December 2015. SEE A Game is a consortium of European educational organizations committed to foster this attitude in a fun and challenging way. Using a set of board games, students discover the value of competing and collaborating. Relevant aspects of entrepreneurial processes are simulated and entrepreneurial attitudes are stimulated. This project aimed at transferring of knowledge to people who work with young people to use this method on training young people in their own countries, who want to start a business, on the other hand , it creates efforts to promote training focus on the motivations and attitudes of business development. The project idea was fully consistent with the Erasmus+ programme general aim - to contribute to youth activities, raise the quality of support systems and youth civil society organizations in terms capacity building.Our project promoted cooperation and strengthened the capacity of organizations in 12 countries by joint implementation of training by sharing international experience and gaining new experiences and knowledge that will contribute to future European cooperation in the youth field. The project met the annual priorities - Youth unemployment by ensuring inclusive growth by implementing the project to promote entrepreneurial skills development, which could contribute to the creation of new enterprises, thus will address the youth unemployment issue, and will encourage unemployed youth mobility and active participation in society. The project also contributed to young people's innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship spirit and ability to work in the project "SEE A Game" method for developing different entrepreneurial situations. An entrepreneurial attitude is essential for adapting to the fast social and economic developments of our time. The target groups/beneficiaries of the games were people with entrepreneurial aspirations but playing the games locally in the partner countries will also help risk groups (e.g. unemployed people and migrants) to integrate better and faster into the European labor market. The games are designed to take local situations into consideration.The focus on entrepreneurial attitudes instead of on an entrepreneurial knowledge base is the major innovation of SEE A Game. 47% of the participants' age was between 18 and 25 years old, 28% of the participants were between 25 and 30 years old and 25% of them were above 30 years old. The participants will be aged between 18 and 35, but it might be that some participants are older than 35 years. Even through each partner was required to send gender balanced group finally the overall gender balance was not reached perfectly, 40% female and 60% male participants took part in the project. Participants' profiles were: youth worker, youth educator, young people that would like to develop her/ his entrepreneurial competences. Selection criteria's were based on the following aspects: - At least basic knowledge of the role of youth work in processes of social change - Knowledge of the situation of young people in the own country and of the specific work context for empowerment work with young people with fewer opportunities - Motivation to take part in a mutual learning process in a very inter-cultural setting - Sufficient level of English to follow the course and to contribute to it - Wish and ability to participate fully in the event - At least basic knowledge and understanding of youth participation Tangible results: - Trained 28 participants on how to use youth work to empower youngsters to start their creative search for entrepreneurial opportunities. Several ideas and initiatives developed are in incubation periods. Others are already taking the first steps such as marketing research, business plan development,etc. - Developing concrete projects to be applied under Erasmus + Programme: 2 Project applications are being prepared and applied by our participants. Additionally, the TC provided the participants with new contacts to youth workers and educators in other countries which enlarged their ability to work on transnational level and benefit from the asset international youth work provides for their own target group.



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