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Security Innovation and Growth Network Aiding Transnational Unification of Regional Economies (SIGNATURE)
Date du début: 31 mars 2009, Date de fin: 29 juin 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We aim to expand the existing Security Sector cluster infrastructure within NWE in order to address the currently fragmented supply-side and increase opportunities for new innovations. SIGNATURE aims to support innovation development in the physical and logical security sector. Potential threats facing the region. such as industrial espionage. identity fraud will be addressed by improving NWEs competitiveness in a global market The aim is underpinned by these objectives 1. Facilitate innovation by developing and implementing collaboration between clusters. SMEs and other organisations 2. Create highly focussed Security Transnational Interest Groups using a model of cooperation tied directly to market opportunities. within 3 themed networks of world class excellence 3. Improve the quality of partnerships. by providing SMEs a better understanding of their role in complex innovation & research partnerships 4. Establish the basis for a long-term collaboration between the different NWE partners in becoming a key partner in the NWE for the private-public partnerships 5. Disseminate the key learning of the common threats. mitigations and success of our approach to SMEs and other actors across NWE to other networks to learn from. SIGNATURE aims to improve the collaborative impact of cluster networks across specific topics and ensure that the sector within NWE is responsive to emerging threats. remains competitive and globally recognised. It will collaborate at a strategic level and work across sectors. i.e. environmental technologies. aerospace. business support. financial services. government. manufacturing and ICT. The project will work towards the achievement of these aims within a strong partnership of 5 organisations. representing 4 recognised and regionally based clusters and an organisation with extensive experience in SME support and engagement techniques. Expected Results: We will achieve our aims and objectives through undertaking the following key actions - 1. Creating a shared understanding of the sector in participating regions and wider NWE, this will result in a. A report compiling existing regionally based sector mapping knowledge b. A shared framework for classifying organisations operating in the sector c. A multi-regional directory of cluster members and other sector organisations organised according to the new shared classification d. A multi-regional network of experts e. A pro-active NWE search for SMEs with potential & interest to innovate & cooperate on an international basis. 2. The creation of three networks of excellence around Security of Information Systems, of Critical Infrastructure and of Citizens a. An information package or toolkit shared by the partners to support SMEs and other organisations to effectively participate in collaborative relationships b. The formation of at least 6 Security Transnational Interest Groups (STIG) aligned to the themes and to specific funding or commercial opportunities c. A series of work shops to prepare STIG participants to optimise the benefits gained from participation d. A series of multi - regional contact seminars e. The creation of facilitated virtual spaces for each STIG and support to realise their full potential 3. To assess project's approach to creating Transnational Interest Groups (TIGs) as a viable approach to encouraging productive collaborative relationships in other sectors. We will a. Conduct a robust evaluation of the approach and balance between human interaction and use of innovative, virtual technologies b. Disseminate the approach, throughout the project and following final evaluation through our networks to policy makers, funders, other cluster networks and business support / innovation actors c. Report and disseminate the outcomes to a wider range of SMEs d. Agree a post-Interreg strategy for the security sector



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