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"Securing Europe through Counter-Terrorism—Impact, Legitimacy and Effectiveness" (SECILE)
Date du début: 1 mai 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"This project aims to create an empirically-informed view of the legitimacy and effectiveness of European security legislation, taking into account legal, societal, operational and democratic perspectives. It aims to produce an interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder understanding of mechanisms for measuring the impact, legitimacy and effectiveness of legal measures, connecting theoretical and practical perspectives with a sound and operationally-informed analysis of these measures in practice. In this way it aims to identify the strengths, weaknesses, assumptions and dissonances across and between existing theoretical, institutional and operational perspectives.The strategic approach of the project is to create dynamic synergies between the legal, sociological and ethical disciplines, authorities and end users in order to generate a holistic understanding of the operation of European legal measures from the perspective of impact, legitimacy and effectiveness. We will do this through the use of both inter-disciplinary desk research and, vitally, concentrated engagement with end user groups in in-depth case studies in order to bridge the gaps in understanding between theoretical and legal perspectives, on the one hand, and operational and practical needs on the other.This project will enable the generation of better mechanisms to assess the legitimacy of legal instruments, for Security, in the context of both efficacy and societal acceptability providing both European and national authorities and implementing bodies with an operable perspective to be applied in designing, implementing, transposing and assessing such security measures. This will improve the overall effectiveness and legitimacy of European security measures and their implementation within and across member states, with a view to limiting such measures to legitimate and proportionate intrusion in citizens’ liberties."



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