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Secondary photochemical reactions and technologies for active remote sensing of nocturnal atmosphere (NOCTURNAL ATMOSPHERE)
Date du début: 4 févr. 2013, Date de fin: 3 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"The key objective of the “NOCTURNAL ATMOSPHERE” project is to carry out the coordinated transfer of knowledge measures between participating teams in the EU, in the Ukraine and Russia with the aim of restoring and strengthening scientific collaboration and of developing new partnerships for long lasting synergy, to enhance the level of scientific excellence of participating early stage and experienced researchers and technicians. The transfer of knowledge and achievement of intellectual “critical mass” will occur through performing joint theoretical exercises and laboratory research in the important and growing field of secondary photochemical reactions in the Earth’s nocturnal atmosphere and in development breakthroughs of active remote sensing technologies for night-time cartography of the Earth troposphere and stratosphere. The challenge is to create a unique instrument for ranging sensors on satellite, crossing night-time sky segment, with a combined laser&white light beam from the Earth. The project participants have high scientific qualification and relevant theoretical and experimental experience and specific technical skills to achieve progress in research on the nocturnal atmosphere. The joint efforts will work synergistically to amplify their knowledge and skills. The staff exchange and secondments will include both a team doing research on specific work packages and a transfer of knowledge component consisting of seminars, workshops and summer schools which will ensure effective dissemination of results and foster interactions amongst the young researchers and PhD students. They will be mentored by and intensively exposed to a culture of international collaborative research."



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