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SEA-EU-NET 2 - EU-ASEAN S&T cooperation to jointly tackle societal challenges (SEA-EU-NET II)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

SEA-EU-NET 2 will build upon and leverage strong EU-SEA S&T relationships developed through past support and coordination actions, to deepen engagement and build momentum in S&T cooperation. It broadens the scope of EU-SEA cooperation through stimulating sustainable innovation collaborations. SEA-EU-NET 2 will focus on three societal challenges: Health, Food security and safety, and Water management, where the greatest opportunities can be leveraged from joint EU-SEA research. SEA-EU-NET 2 will serve as a platform for all stakeholders across governments, funders, practitioners, and the private sector, to ensure a complete and integrated approach to developing sustainable STI collaboration to jointly tackle societal challenges. It will focus on:Dialogue: To strengthen bi-regional and bilateral EU-ASEAN dialogues in S&T cooperationDecision-Making: To report to policy makers in both Europe and Southeast Asia in order to pave the way to implement new ambitious bi-regional activities in STIJointly Tackling Societal Challenges: To focus on joint efforts on a selected set of thematic areas, namely Health, Food security and safety, and Water management. In focussing on these topics, the project will evaluate EU-SEA S&T cooperation, run workshops to bring scientists together, support young scientists develop new funding schemes to broaden and deepen the collaborationNetworking: To network different stakeholders to build bi-regional networks and to strengthen research capacitySustainability: To ensure that all activities deliver impact beyond the lifespan of the project in order to develop sustainable partnershipsThe project will have lasting impact on (1) a structured and substantiated policy dialogue between ASEAN and EU, (2) the promotion of the ERA in SEA, (3) the role of EU as major partner in research cooperation and innovation by jointly tackling societal challenges, (4) the development of new funding schemes in research and academic mobility



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