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se sentir citoyen européen
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the frame of our experiences with young people with fewer opportunities, this project aims to help 8 young people in a situation of professionnal and social insertion and with great difficulties to acceed to an european citizenship and mobility project. This project is the second one we carry out with the team of the Prévention spécialisée of Romans. It is this parnership that allows us to get in touch with this kind of public. Now that we have the past experience with this type of public and since we evaluated the impact on their life by their participation to an EVS project, we would like to reiterate a new project for the young people accompanied by the Prévention spécialsée. This time, the project will take place in a non francophonic country and generate a greater cultural exchange (the first project took place in Morocco and concerned young people from most of them growed up with a maghrebian family culture). This project called "se sentir citoyen européen" is carried out with CreACTive in Skopje, Macédonia. This association has an experience with young people in difficult situations. It is the first project with this partner which was recomanded by one of our most important slovenian partner Zavod Manipura. In consideration of the young peoples profile, and in order to ensure the good realisation of the project, we focus on the mentoring in the frame of a reinforced mentorship. It is in this context that we ask for the financement of two educators of the Prévention spécialisée for the EVS taking place from the 17th to 31st of october 2015, as well as for an advanced planning visit in september 2015 for one of the young volunteers, one of the educators and our employee and responsible for the EVS projects. The mission of community work will be on one hand the work with the youth accompanied by the association and on the other hand the work on an organic farm. In addition, cultural activities, exchanges and meetings will be realised (hikings, sport, linguistic workshops,...) Among several educational objectives we want to work on with the young volunteers, we will especially work on the valorisation of their engagement and the education to citizenship.



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