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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is built around a partnership between three countries ( France, Germany, Roumania) in which modes of transportation and sustainable development have,structurally and culturally speaking, as many similarities as differences. The main objectives focus on : the awareness of the difficulties regarding the local/regional mobility, through research, meetings with specialists, but also through the eye of the other partners. the development of critical thinking within this field through the observation of and exchange with the partners. The survey on sustainable development among the three organizations and their municipalities. the acquisition of technical skills in the field of bike transportation. the interest in shared intercultural and international experiences the taking of public-spirited initiatives and the empowering of individuals in their daily choices. the development of ICT skills the transformation of teachers and pupils positioning within schools. Sixteen participants for each country and their teachers are invited to be actively involved in the approach. Pupils from secondary schools, aged 12 to 15, will , during the 24 months of the project, gain insights into the complex issues of transportation and sustainable development . These pupils, mainly coming from rural areas, where the means of transportation play a vital part in daily life (going to school, taking part in out of school activities, going to cultural or sport events...), will think about their individual choices, about the consequences of these choices and about the diversity of contexts according to different countries. The three partners will organise activities that they will carry out together and/or separately to reach their objectives : local or supraregional research work on transportation communication, exchange and debates about their mutual findings meetings with specialists workshops / clubs around cycling exchanges of mails between partners route proposals, advertising campaigns The participants will establish the current situation in their municipalities and countries and discover how things are done in the other countries. They will develop their technical skills in their favoured mode of transport ( i.e. cycling) and in ICT to achieve a common final aim : the life-long learning of a sustainable mobility and the sharing of an international experience. The organisations will follow an anticipated schedule during the 24 months of the project. It will be adjusted during the transnational meetings according to the progress of the project and to new inputs that the research and exchanges will bring. They will establish a backward scheduling at the end of the project, necessary to assess the management of the project. Through the dissemination and mediatization of its results, this thinking about sustainable development will contribute to raising the awareness of the local population ( pupils and school staff, families, neighbours, elected representatives, etc.) The organisations’ involvement in a project on a European scale will broaden the horizons as far as public-spirited, cultural and educational intentions are concerned. The follow-up of the project will consist in building on to the enlarged vision and to extend it to local actions by offering other projects linked to the issue of sustainable development and to the construction of a European citizenship. The exchanges will be maintained between partners to keep a broad view and to ensure continuity.



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