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Scouting Cooperation for Development: an OUTdoor adventure that empowers youths to tackle development issues in today’s society
Date du début: 30 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Scouts Youth Exchange involves four Scout Organisations - from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Malta, Poland and Sweden - in a ten day project. 50 participants aged 14 to 18, apart from the 13 supporting leaders, will participate in a programme of activities designed to teach different skills: active participation, social inclusion, environmental responsibility, teamwork, communication and presentation skills. All activities will be implemented through non-formal and informal means, for instance through the use of outdoor activities (such as archery and kayaking) and hikes. Each participant is in charge of making a list of personal goals at the beginning of the project and to make sure they achieve them until the project comes to an end. The objectives of the project are: - To raise awareness among participants of development issues and the 2015 European Year for Development - Exposing participants to vulnerable social groups e.g. disabled persons and refugees and to other young people from different social backgrounds - Helping young people develop basic skills such as communication, self-confidence, responsibility and initiative - Intercultural dialogue and cultural appreciation - The personal development of the participants, while improving the level of their skills and competences - Capacity-building for all organisations involved to successfully cooperate with other organisations active in the youth field and implement projects with added European value Daily evaluation sessions will ensure that all participants can give their feedback on how the project is progressing. The aim is for the young participants to be left with valuable skills which will help them when they seek work and for the partner organisations to gain new contacts in order to be able to implement other transnational youth projects. An Advanced Planning Visit (APV) will be organised before the project starts to enable the participating organisations to better plan for the project to ensure it is implemented in the best way possible.



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