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Scout Compass II
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“Scout compass”, will bring а volunteer from Spain for 12 months period to come to Bulgaria and gain experience in the voluntary sector which will in return help him develop new skills; foster self-confidence; meet new people, enhance team work competencies as well as encourage social and community responsibility.The Scouts Club "Madarski konnik" will host those volunteer and will provide a very attractive programme, for whichvolunteer will be able to get involved and contribute towards activities pertaining to four main areas: International Scout CampsiteUp-keeping, Promotion and Utilization of National Assets, Empowering Training & Programs Department and Cohesion betweenNational and Group Levels.Training and formation of volunteer before the commencement of the activity, as well as training, evaluation and supportthroughout the activity will be a main priority for both the host and sending organizations. Volunteer will be expected to follow-uphis activity by spreading awareness of his experience in various ways, and to explore how best to put his experience to gooduse. The 12 months-long experience will lead the volunteer towards an appreciation of social and community work that Scouts Club "Madarski konnik" undertakes on a daily basis. Daily interaction will be a perfect setting for inter-cultural encounters, with the opportunity for mutual sharing of experiences and insights into various voluntary work conducted by Scouts Club "Madarski konnik".Scouts Club "Madarski konnik" will be providing these youngster with the necessary mentorship and any other assistance that would be required so as to enable a unique and valuable experience for the volunteer, that will indeed be worth sharing as well as will serve to enhance his portfolio for future career opportunities.



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