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Scout and Volunteer Project 2015
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Houens Odde Spejdercenter is biggest scout centre in Northern Europe. It is owned by KFUM-Spejderne i Danmark - the biggest scout association in Denmark. The main ideas of our scout organisation is to educate children and youth through activities, learning by doing, and children teach children, and non-formal learning. By doing this we help developing children and young people in to becoming independent, honest, democratic and responsible adults who have respect for their surroundings, environment and nature. Our main activities are, therefore, mostly concentrated on nature and environment activities. Houens Odde Spejdercenter is the main training and education centre of KFUM-spejderne in Denmark. Houens Odde Spejdercenter uses therefore the same ideology as our scout organisation when training and hosting volunteers: learning by doing. The centre provides activities, food and lodging for costumers on training, camps or conferences. The guests at the centre come from schools, kinder gardens, and scout groups. Each year the centre has around 30.000 overnight guests on this account. We also provide activities , food, lodging and facilities for companies on training or conference. There are around 10.000 overnights guests on this account. Houens Odde Spejdercenter is partly run by a staff of permanent employees and by a staff of Danish and foreign volunteers. The jobs at the centre are divided into : - Daily jobs - Monthly jobs - Ad hoc jobs - Volunteer project The daily jobs need to be done every day, and they can be: - garbage round. - toilet check and cleaning. - buying food for the office canteen. The monthly jobs need to be done, depending on the season, once or twice a month. They can be: - building check. - check rat boxes. - grass cutting. - checking and cleaning tractors/cars. - cleaning different workshops. The ad hoc jobs are very different. They come day by day, hour by hour. Some can be planned in advance, others are not possible to plan. They can be: - doing activities for our costumers(scouts, school groups, kindergardens, companies) - kitchen duties: cooking, cleaning, dish washing - helping janitor with different maintenance job at the centre - participating as a staff member in our scout summer camps or other scout events - participating in different volunteer arrangements together with the Danish scout volunteer staff The Volunteer Project The volunteers are given the possibility of making their own project. This is a very good chance for the volunteers to make something that reflects their interest and skills. The project must be to the use and fun of the costumers at the centre. We prefer that the project is for the benefit of nature and environment of our centre. The project must also make our costumers aware of the Eramus+ programme and the international outlet of the centre. It is important for us that the volunteers spend time on creating a project and thereby leaving their footprints at Houens Odde Spejdercenter! Because of our dynamic structure and work, is it impossible to make a correct schedule for how a day or week will go. Some of the tasks will be more routine work than other tasks. - The most important task of the staff is to provide good experiences, quality activities and service to all our guests. The working hours at the centre is 35 hours per week. There will also be days off during the week and time for vacation during the project recording to the rules of Erasmus+ All the jobs are planned together with the volunteers and the permanet staff. There are 4-8 volunteers at the center at a time, depending on the season. The volunteers will get the instruction in the tasks by the permanent staff. The project will result in young people that learn how to grow as a person, to become more mature, independent, self-secure, aware of different culures/countries, learn new skill, work in a team and be more aware of environment and nature, and to think about what the want to become in the future. The project will also result in a more understanding from our scouts and non scout regarding other cultures/countries, when they meet the volunteers at our centre.



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