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SCOPE: Sharing Competence On emPowerment and Employability
Date du début: 1 avr. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "SCOPE - Sharing Competences on emPowering and Employability" was born with the intention of creating a space of meeting and exchange between different European realities working on the development of transversal competences and employability of young people. The Partnership Building Activity will be held in Bologna from 29th June to 5th July 2015, and will involve 24 participants from 7 Countries: Spain, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Croatia, Germany and Italy. The objectives of the project are: - sharing information / experiences on transversal competences, how they can be developed and used in the work with young people to improve their employability. In order to do so, during the project there will be work sessions based on non-formal education, which will concern strategies for assessment of transversal competences , with a focus on coaching and 8 keys competences; there will also be a session to facilitate the sharing of best practices of the participating organizations, and to which an external expert will take part. - The project will also focus on the phases of project design from local to international, in order to give the opportunity to the organizations involved to develop international projects with a strong local impact, and create a sharing network based not only on content but also on tools themselves. Expected results: - Creation of a network of partnerships that develops at least 3 international projects within 1 year from the end of the project; - Development of an on-line platform to share the contents discussed during the project, where information on projects developed by the partnerships network will be uploaded, the expected result for this tool is to get 500 unique visits in the first 3 months; - Creation of an on-line work platform available only to members of the partnership, to share proposals for new projects and spread information about its initiatives. Target: Participants involved will be youth workers, volunteers or leaders of the participating organizations, who work with young people to develop or make them aware of their transversal competences, and / or use these in training programs on job orientation.



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