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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

School leaving is a society matter, that falls in the responsibilities of the stake-holders’group school-family-community. The UNICEF report " Early School leaving: possible means of prevention " shows that Arges county has a high rate of school leaving. At the level of The "Dacia" Technological High school, at the end of the school year 2014-2015, we have a rise in the cases of school leaving by 10 cases more than in 2008-2009. One of the objectives of the European Strategy for 2020 is to decrease, by 10 % the rate of early school leaving, so the implementation of the project is necessary aiming to prevent and fight against school leaving. Its strategy has the priorities: identification of the students with a high risk of school leaving to keep them in school; involving families in the students' school and social rehabilitation; rising community involvement in preventing and fighting against school leaving. According to the identified need ,we chose from the offers from e Twinning, the course ”Coaching in educational contexts to reduce early school leaving”, organized by the Alcala de Henares school, Madrid, which will be attended by seven trainees in the period 17th -21st October 2015. The project objectives are: idenftification of the number of students with a school leaving risk, by the end of the first semester of the school year 2015-2016, the use of different methods to decrease by 10 % the number of absences without leave, by the end of the school year 2015-2016; involvement of students and 80 parents in activities of counseling regarding school and social rehabilitation and the increase, by the end of the school year 2015-2016 by 25% in the number of social economic partners which will support students in specialized training and could be a source of employment. Participation in the training course provides school with an international approach through the participants: Mihai Cristina, headmaster, with managerial competences, internal and external communication skills, monitoring and evaluation of educational activities; Tănase Daniela, Assistant Headmaster ensures an efficient dialogue with the local community; Dumitrache Cristina, coordinator of projects with education counseling abilities; Georgescu Cosmina, teacher and engineer, with knowledge regarding socio-professional insertion on the job market; Stanciu Valentina, teacher with competences of promoting non-aggressive and non-discriminatory behaviour; Măcăneață Anca, school psychologist, with abilities regarding the treatment of students based on students' needs; Ionita Iuliana, IT teacher, with knowledge that allow her to use the experiences of learning by doing. In preparation of the project, a selection of the project team was made, on the criteria described in section F, by the Board of Training and Personal development, the results presented on the school's website and at the notice board. The activities consist in: Attending the training where the objectives will be presented, new techniques and methods of preventing school leaving and managing emotions. Launching the project through a PPT showing the argument, the purpose, the objectives, the activities and the expected results. Identification of the target group through questionnaires and issuing a data base. The after-school program in which the target group students are offered support and tuitions. Doors Open Days when parents are successful models in their careers aiming to raise awareness of the school’s role in their personal training and professional success. Parents' School offers, through lectures and role-plays, methods of dealing with conflicts and parental styles to facilitate the understanding of the student's problems. Theatre and dance clubs lead to the valuing of artistic skills, an alternative to filling in free time. Volunteering, carried out to help the persons in need to fight against discriminatory attitudes. Job Shadow Day means students’ assuming an employee’s role for a day, to familiarize them with the job peculiarities. Results dissemination, by means of a list of trainees, a workshop, non-conference, newsletter, statistics presentation, story telling, focus group, Photo Box and Guerilla Marketing. The project’s monitoring and evaluation, through checking school documents, class observation, demonstration lessons, quizzes and certification of qualifications. The final report summarizes and quantifies activities, results, the help of the persons involved, feedback and impact of the project beneficiaries in school and community. The impact results in improving English language skills, learning strategies and motivational techniques, ensuring multicultural, trans-disciplinary and socio- emotional climate of the classroom. On a medium and long term the target is socio-professional integration of future graduates on the labor market, decreasing unemployment rate.



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