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Scientific Observatory of Artisan Fishing (OCP)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2003, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2006 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Certain towns of the Atlantic Area are highly dependent on traditional fishing, which is currently in crisis, so they are suffering from depopulation and a lack of services. In order to improve the local economy, protect the natural resources, and preserve the social and cultural heritage and motor of initiative that traditional fishing represents, it is important to react to this crisis. With this aim, OCPA plans to create an observatory of the different types of traditional fishing which will supply data, information, and methodologies which will serve to exploit fishing resources more effectively and in a sustainable manner. To this end, each region will define its own field of action and initiatives, then collect data which will be studied in order to create tools of biological and economic analysis that are common to the whole Atlantic Area. Achievements: ✔ Pooling resources and defining the objectives to be reached, taking into account that the overall goal is to create tools to facilitate and improve the management of fishing resources, ✔ Creating a website: ✔ Creating data collection systems for better knowledge of the situation and of trends in traditional fishing in the Atlantic area, and as a tool for decision-making support. ✔ Developing a database and key indicators (socio-economic and biological) for monitoring and analysing the data. Creating a computer application based on the shared database. ✔ Developing pilot methodologies: shared methodologies for analysing traditional fishing activities ✔ Creating a catalogue bringing together all the methodologies used by the project partners, regulatory aspects governing the fisheries sector and the socio-economic importance of the sector. ✔ Two training seminars: Market Analysis and Fishing Capacity and Efficiency. ✔ Five training seminars in the econometric methodologies to be applied (market analysis, price relationships, methods for measuring efficiency, optimal fisheries management etc.) and one technical day presenting the computer application ✔ Publication of the results: - Publication of two books (400 copies): "Scientific Observatory for Traditional Fishing" - Organisation of an international conference - Publication of 7000 brochures, 50 CDs, 500 DVDs


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