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Science & adults education
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project aims at filling some acknowledged gaps in the functioning and efficiency of the offer available at Centro Ciência Viva of Tavira (CCVT). This is a small science centre integrated in the portuguese network Ciência Viva of science centres. Given the small interactive exhibition of CCVT, most activities targeting schools and also the general public occur as hands on activities in the laboratorial space. As such, there is a constant need of developing new contents and innovative methods to disseminate science and to promote a scientific culture, the major goal of CCVT activities. More recently, new activities have been developed, namely by promoting science shows; moreover, CCVT is currently investing in adapting a space dedicated to robotics, and to promoting the maker movement. The project foresees training actions of two types: i) 11 participations in training courses and worksops and ii) 4 jobshadowing periods, hosted by other european institutions. The specific topics focus not only general training in science communication, but also in the specific thematics above described. Actions will also promote networking fostering international collaboration that eventually can facilitate collaborative projects and aditional funding sources. The actions proposed will also contribute for developing language skills and multicultural experiences during the professional development of the CCVT team members. The proposed actions target diverse team members, from the directors to the explainers, and are expected to diversify the offer of CCTV and to improve its quality and to the development of new approaches to deal with distinct target groups in a more inclusive way. Both the direct result of the training and jobshadowing actions and the follow-up actions, will contribute to increase science dissemination and to promote the scientific culture not just at the local and regional level, but ultimately at the national level (though follow-up actions involving the national network of science centres) and also contributing to the internationalization of CCVT.