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Schule draußen - Lernen außerhalb des Klassenzimmers
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Out of school teaching - learning outside of the classroom" Project goal is to promote different parts of teaching into the immediate vicinity of the school. This is more than an one-off trip or an excursion "outside school". It is a supplement tool to the daily education, and the regular lessons outside the classroom which are closely related to the school curriculum. Schoolyard, forest, meadow, flora and fauna, as well as museums, historical sites and public spaces, meeting people with their knowledges, experiences and skills, learning resources are all included and involved. We want to learn about nature in, by and with nature, about the society by and with society. An international partnership with other European schools means similar interests and the same target. The fact is that the teachers and students come from different cultures and our schools are embedded in different cultural, scenic and school-based educational conditions makes the implementation of the project. Through our diversity we complement each other. The participating teachers can exchange ideas, learn from each other, work together and achieve great things. The innovation in our project are our pedagogical approach and the place of learning associated with it. As well as, the alternative teaching methods that are used outside the classroom. We expect from the "lessons out there," a number of additional benefits and positive effects and advantages for our students: A holistic, project-based learning that may provide an opportunity for the individual to experience, discover, explore, and to be able to make their own experiences. Gladly old heterogeneous and multidisciplinary, and not only, as usual geared to teachers, classroom, library, curriculum and professional. We have all experienced that for some students in the classroom there is not enough space for active behavior and movement. The temporary move away from heavily influenced cognitive learning in the classroom foreclosed gives them the opportunity, what they learn in theory in the classroom, outside in the active doing and at their own pace to get to grips



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