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school, theatre and entrepreneurial learning
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Theatre pedagogic - DRAMA - as an innovative method to develop basic and transversal skills in students, is an already proved method in our German schools. As we want to expand our experiences and use this topic nationally and internationally, it is planned to combine it with educating entrepreneurial skills in our students. While designing, planning and acting a common play in interdisciplinary approach, entrepreneurial skills will be trained. On the basis of the project work "Projektprüfung" in practical subjects, the drama clubs are working in phases like: goal setting and planning: an independent planning and preparing the work process and the documentation of the action on the artistic intentions. Phase of implementation: Performing the (practical) work according to the tasks. Phases of presentation and reflection: Present the results and evaluation. These phases are preparing and accompanying the artistic work. "Start-up-entrepreneurs" have never been educated in such innovative, playful way and in international context. The prearrangements, scheduling and diverse preparational work of the plays is schemed and calculated firstly in every school individually and at project meetings it will be compared and evaluated. Either student’s companies or theatre clubs are established and work in teams, like theatre ensembles, in fields of artistic, administrative and technical ranges. Finally it will come to a mutual agreement of optimal implementation of clever entrepreneurs. The German schools want to introduce this model of "Projektprüfung" as a pioneer in international comparison and as a basis for entrepreneurial education. Each school prepares workshops with practical and artistical content, according to the strengths of students and instructors. In these groups, the students train each others at the meetings. Those skills are the basic for a common scenic play, which will be decided on during the process. On first stage each school works individually on distributed tasks, on second stage the work is brought together at LTT-meetings. The process and results are documented continuously, nationally and internationally. Each school has to offer individual skills. The Germans are experienced in musicals and ICT, shooting and editing videos. German school teams have tested the procedure of "Projektprüfung" since 2 years and are going to introduce this method for entrepreneurial education. In preparation the 2 German teams are preparing this method with the help of a theatre pedagog. Teachers will gain experiences and increase their competences regarding learning and teaching strategies for education of entrepreneurs. These methods will be documented, recorded, disseminated and presented in various ways to make it available to interested colleagues, to teachers' seminars. The impacts on students, teachers and school community are varied, e.g. strong effect on self-confidence is helpful in personal and entrepreneurial ways. Students and teachers will develop practical skills, enlarge their competence in interdisciplinary work and teaching methods. It' s also expected to improve knowledge of foreign languages and promote the EU's broad diversity and intercultural awareness. Teamwork and manangement skills will be improved in an international dimension. Long-term-benefit will be guaranteed in publications on diverse platforms, like school websites, homepages, teaching materials. Publications will be presented to schools and colleagues in multiplier events.



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