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School-teacher Professionalisation: Intercultural Resources And Languages
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ERASMUS+ aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning from pre-primary through to secondary level in schools across Europe. SPIRAL is a 3-year project which aims to meet this objective by training highly-skilled primary school teachers equipped with the necessary professional and linguistic skills to train young learners in the 21st century classroom. This goal shall be accomplished through a collaborative European project undertaken by universities and public bodies across five different European countries which strive to contribute to the improvement of the quality of teaching and learning at primary school level in Europe through the modernisation and curriculum reform of teacher-training programmes, notably cross-training programmes for future primary school teachers The SPIRAL project will enable a wide variety of educational decision-makers to work together in order to improve provisions for learners and institutions and to share innovative practices. By developing a common reference framework detailing key competences and skills necessary for both the training and evaluation of teacher-trainees and the creation of blended-learning modules for trainers and trainees, it is envisaged that universities, trainers and teacher-trainees will be provided with a tool-kit enabling them to be in possession of the necessary elements to guide them towards their goal. This common reference framework containing mobility guides, evaluation grids and skill cards is a practical tool-kit which can have a far-reaching impact when adopted and adapted in the future by other establishments outside of the SPIRAL project partners. Trainer and trainee mobility shall also play a role in the SPIRAL project and allow for a selected number of participants to undertake a structured mobility period abroad in a partner institution. Teacher-trainees will benefit from a practical and intercultural experience in the foreign country's classroom and be evaluated in their teaching practice by a trainer from the host institution. Selected trainers will undertake a mobility of 5 days per year o follow a training seminar in a partner institution based on the domain of expertise of the host institution. These training periods will allow participants to have a better understanding of learning, teaching and evaluation methods in different European countries and they will be able to integrate best practices into their professional practices. Blended learning modules shall be tailor-made for trainers and trainees and be available on a Moodle platform. Participants will have access to these modules before, during and after their mobility period abroad. These modules will be developed by the SPIRAL consortium and be accessible to a wider audience thanks to an Open Education Resources policy. It is foreseen within the SPIRAL project to draw up a Mobility Impact Study based on trainer and trainee feedback, partner's own research and contributions from all stakeholders involved in the project. This Study will analyse the added value of integrating a mobility period abroad in teacher-training programmes in universities and also examine the benefits of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for teacher-trainers via mobility. Finally, policy recommendations will be drafted with pointers for the future in collaboration with ministerial partners involved in the SPIRAL project.



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