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School Sweet School
Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

School Sweet School is a transnational project to be carried out by four partnering schools from Turkey, Poland, Romania and Lithuania. The project aims to find out more specific of ESL; develop prevention and early intervention methods to reduce the rate of ESL by the coordination of Turkey. In addition to the specific responsibility of vocational schools to combat ESL, the disadvantages making our students’ lives harder have created the need to plan and implement a project on this problem. The students of partnering schools live in disadvantaged areas where the unemployment rates are high; face socio-economic and educational problems; show a very little interest in education; don’t know why schooling is important and don’t like school. Most of the parents are uneducated and/or divorced, and don’t care about their children. The partnering schools and the education staff have been implementing some methods to help and guide these students in their own ways, but it’s crucial to promote mutual practices to fight against the ESL problem at EU-level. Approximately 2000 participants are expected to participate in project activities and apart from participants, approximately 2,500 individuals are expected to benefit from the results. Activities of the project can be divided into two categories. The first activity set is to study on reasons, solutions and results of implementation in transnational meetings and the second set is to make schools attractive and comfortable places for students by the help of extra-curricular activities. Decrease in truancy, absenteeism and ESL rates; increase in students’ interest in schooling and education, learning and using English; new effective and applicable methods to combat ESL are the highly expected results and impacts of the project. The prevention and early intervention policies will be used within the management of partnering schools after the project is over. Dissemination campaigns will be held about results at regional, national and international levels to support other schools having similar problems.



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