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Σχεδιάζουμε-οργανώνουμε-οραματιζόμαστε ηλεκτρονικη,διαδραστικη, παιγνιώδη μάθηση
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Pythagoreio Geniko Lykeio is a public school on Samos island. By watching the latest trends in education the need to improve its staff abilities in using new technologies as well as in embedding more interactive methods in teaching in order to enhance students' motivation has been realised. More specifically through the plan that has been developed it aims: a. to provide participants with practical ideas on how they can incorporate technology into their lessons using tools such as e-learning platforms. b. to enrich teaching practice with techniques that target in making a more attractive and interesting learning environment to students. c. to motivate teachers in order to begin cooperations among European schools. d. to encourage the sharing of ideas, best practices and material between teachers of European countries. e. to realise cultural differences as well as common values within the different nationalities of the European Union. f. to promote multilingualism. The plan is structured on two seminars that a group of five teachers from our school will attend. The first seminar which is entitled "Using E-learning in the classroom" covers the needs of technological literacy of the participants and will take place in Paris. The second seminar is on how interactive teaching and educational games can enhance students' motivation and create a friendly, effective and attractive learning environment and supplement the traditional approach. The choice of the participants will be based on the criteria of whether they hold a permanent post in the school and of their level in a basic knowledge of using computers and English (working language of the seminars). In addition they should be of different speciality in order to cover a wide range of both science and humanitarian studies. The plan provides with continuous communication of all participants and educators by creating a group within the E twinning platform and using it at all stages of the plan as well as after the end of the activities so that they can long term exchange their experience. The impact and benefits of implementing this plan are expected to be on various levels. On the level of the participants and the rest of the school's teachers it will be: a. to enrich their knowledge in using new technologies and teaching tools and to improve their language skills. b. to create relationships of cooperation with colleagues from other countries. c. to motivate them and begin cooperation projects with other schools using the e-Twinning platform and other actions of Erasmus +. d. to make their everyday work more creative, to improve their self confidence in their educational role and to realise their European identity. On the level of the school unit the expected impact will be the modernisation of the provided education and the amplification of its European dimension. Finally the impact on the students is expected to be their more active participation in the teaching process, the increase of their interest in school and their motivation in participating in cooperation projects with other European schools and the realisation that they are members of the European student community.